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# Snow Joke
This adorable little girl finds the very concept of snow laughable
A conspiracy theorist in the making.
# karate chop
This little boy trying to break a board in Taekwondo is the internet's new hero
# again again
This pilot took his daughter on a stunt plane for the first time, and she bloody loved it
Flying upside down? It’s a walk in the park to her.
# gimme a boost
Two hippos helped a trapped duckling escape their pond at the zoo
# goat your own way
Ah nothing, just some baby goats frolicking about in onesies
Not able.
# little lamb
This lamb excitedly wagging his tail is the cutest thing you'll see today
Two (extremely fast) shakes of a lamb’s tail.
# little ball of fur
This video of a tiny kitten being petted is 33 seconds of unbelievable cuteness
# on the lamb
Watch an innocent dog fend off a vicious lamb attack
Viewers of a sensitive disposition may find this video ADORABLE.
# stairway to heaven
Just a baby pygmy goat, trying to figure out how to use stairs
Stairs are hard, yo.
# rawr
Allow this chatty baby leopard to soothe your Sunday hangover
# me and my monkey
A monkey met some puppies for the first time, and it was absolutely adorable
Too much cute. Can’t cope.
# bite me
Baby boy gets almost too much joy from biting his dad's finger
“Your pain is funny, dad.”
# batbaby
Baby bat adorably feasts on a banana, steals the internet's heart
Bats are the new cats.
# karate kid
This 3-year-old karate student is impossibly cute
Her name is Sophie, and she’s badass.
# e i e i o
This little girl singing Old MacDonald will fill your cuteness quota for the day
Prepare to AWWWW.
# biffles
Seal and dog meet, immediately become best friends forever
Look at them there, cuddling in.
# play it again sam
'Let It Go' is this little boy's JAM
The cold never bothered him anyway.
# Yuck
Baby girl reacts hilariously to tasting pineapple for the first time
IT’S DISGUSTING. Give me more.
# one second every day
Leitrim woman's 'one second every day' video will make you smile
Teacher Edwina Guckian filmed one second of every day in 2014 – and the resulting clip is just so lovely.
# motherly love
Baby alpaca tries to climb on its mam's back, mam says 'NOPE'
# adventure is out there
This man's emotional reaction to discovering his wife is pregnant will make you weepy
# pup 681
Watch this adorable orphaned baby sea otter learn how to swim
We’re not crying. There’s dust in our eyes.
# Squee
Just a little black lamb and a corgi, playing tag
BFFs to the end.
A bunch of babies discover mirrors for the first time, cuteness ensues
Who’s the fairest baby of them all?
# are you kitten me
Kind mammy cat adopts and cares for an orphaned baby bunny
You look like you need some cute.
# oh deer
Baby deer doesn't ever want to stop having its belly rubbed
# i'm so excited
Dog sees owner for the first time in years, passes out with excitement
It was just too much for its little body to take.
# baby's best friend
Guilty dog apologises to baby for stealing her toy
Sickeningly cute.
# get off me
This dalmatian has absolutely no time for kitten's play fighting
Anything for a bit of peace.
# baby monkey
A baby monkey and some Jack Russell puppies, hanging out
There will never be anything as cute, ever, in all of time.
# gotta dance
This dad vs daughter dance off is the cutest thing you'll see today
When the need to boogie strikes you, you just have to give in to it.
# rockabye baby
Baby girl's cries are the music of Nine Inch Nails
This tot is HARDCORE.
# Good Friends
Little boy adorably comforts girl on their first day of school
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”
# tickled pink
Little porcupine makes the most adorable noise when it's tickled
It giggles. We swear it does.
# Alright buddy?
This dog teaching a baby how to crawl is the cutest thing you'll see today
Got crawling problems? Help is at hand.
# you're it
This sea lion is extremely worried about a little girl falling over
Is she gonna be all right? SOMEBODY TELL ME.
# bat out of heaven
Afraid of bats? Watch this video and it might change your mind
Squee level: outrageous.
# get the moon
It's a full moon tonight... Are you as excited as this kid?
Are you? Why not?
# Homeless
Homelessness video with a difference will make you cry
The video, made by three sixth year students and two teachers, will warm even the coldest of hearts out there.
# Work Can Wait
Take a break and watch the cutest video ever
Dogs are winning this Monday.