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#dad of the year

From Dad of the year? A father spent 18 months building a fairytale tree for his daughter's bedroom Magical

This dad explained the Paris attacks to his little boy and it's heartbreaking and wonderful

It was on French news yesterday and it’s an inspiration.

A Dad's Facebook post praising his son for dressing up as a Princess is going viral

“Halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters. Just so happens, this week his is a princess.”

The internet is seriously impressed with this guy's 'dad skills'

Catch a foul baseball while feeding the baby? No bother.

Single dad takes hairdressing class so he can give his daughter cute hairstyles

He’s now a dab hand at the old French plait.

Dad of the year makes his son the best Halloween costume we've ever seen

No, that is not a real vending machine.

Watch this little boy on a bike crash straight into a tree

While his father laughs and records it. For shame.

From The42 VIDEO: why you shouldn’t watch sports with your kid Potty Mouth This post contains videos

VIDEO: why you shouldn’t watch sports with your kid

“What’s wrong, Daddy?… A travel! Oh no.”