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# Chat Shows
Sofa Watch: Swap Ryan and Graham for Daniel O'Donnell at home?
All you need to know about your Irish and international chat show options.
# Fundraising
Over €1.1 million raised for St Vincent de Paul since last Friday's Late Late Show
Daniel and Majella O’Donnell gave their support for the charity on last week’s show.
# the wee daniels
So, Daniel O'Donnell gave his blessing to a kids' tribute band auditioning for Ireland's Got Talent
This might just be worth staying in for.
# only in ireland
Daniel O'Donnell sang happy birthday to a woman over the intercom on an Aer Lingus flight and made her day
Spot Majella chilling in the cockpit.
# daniel and majella
Here's everything we know about Daniel and Majella's new US road trip show
The pair are headed stateside.
# Good man Dan
Daniel O'Donnell is going to be honoured with a humanitarian award this September
He’s been nominated into the Scandinavian-America Hall of Fame.
# Road to Rún
Daniel O'Donnell is going to make his Irish acting debut on Ros na Rún
The episode will see O’Donnell in town for a big day.
# Room to improve
Last night's Room to Improve with Daniel O'Donnell was RTÉ's most watched programme of the year
It was the most watched episode of the show in its history.
# i'd like you to leave
Did you cop that Sr Assumpta from Father Ted is also the woman in the gas boiler ad with Daniel O'Donnell?
You learn something new every day.
# Daniel O'Donnell
We found out why Daniel O'Donnell is the most googled person in the Falkland Islands
There’s no evidence online to suggest he has ever even played a concert there.
# Daniel O'Donnell
Here's why you HAVE to start watching Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip
Accept nothing less than a relationship like Daniel and Majella’s.
# A Merry Wee Christmas
Ireland's First Couple Daniel and Majella will deliver the Christmas Day message
It follows on from Panti Bliss’ message last year.
# christmas crackers
Mrs Brown's Boys and a Daniel O'Donnell special - what RTÉ are showing this Christmas
RTE this morning announced its festive schedule.
# Wee daniel
Daniel O'Donnell's Facebook page is the loveliest place on the internet
No trolls in sight. Just loads and loads of love for Daniel.
# dreams come true
THAT Daniel O'Donnell megafan from the Late Late finally got to meet the real deal
Daniel wouldn’t disappoint you again, Molly Kate.
# Wee daniel
Life on the road, retirement and marriage equality: A chat with Daniel O'Donnell
Daniel was in the office this week.
# Deaf Ears
Daniel O'Donnell tells us why Irish people love country music
And why it’s hard for it to get coverage.
# Wee daniel
Daniel O'Donnell has broken a UK chart record
Hon the Daniel.
# disgusted
A gal thought Daniel O'Donnell was on The Late Late Show and her reaction was PURE GOLD
# mama rock me
The Late Late Show country special draws biggest audience this year
The show featured performances from Big Tom, Daniel O’Donnell and Nathan Carter.
# Ryan Tubridy
7 things we learned from last night's Late Late country bonanza
# stop the hurting
Daniel O'Donnell leaving Strictly was the final straw for Irish people yesterday
The third Sunday in October will henceforth be known as Black Sunday.
# three ages of elvis
Was Daniel O'Donnell channeling Father Ted on last night's Strictly?
Oh Daniel.
Daniel O'Donnell danced on Strictly Come Dancing tonight -- here's what you missed
He danced to When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Obvz.
# staying in
Poll: What winter TV show are you most likely to be glued to?
Ryan, Cheryl or Daniel?
# Your Say
Poll: Will you tune in to watch Daniel O'Donnell on 'Strictly'?
Are you ready for this?
# cosy daniel
Daniel O'Donnell's top 8 jumpers, ranked in order
An eye-opening tour through the star’s woollen wardrobe.
# Tuned out
An irate Daniel O'Donnell fan called up a radio station in Sligo
He commented that Daniel was singing off-key at the Rose of Tralee. Big mistake. HUGE.
# relationship goals
11 Irish couples that will restore your faith in love
Heartbroken over the rash of celebrity breakups recently? Come in here.
# world of celebs
A fan asked Daniel O'Donnell for his wedding night sheets... It's The Dredge
All of the day’s celeb filth.
# make it stop
George Hook went on the Late Late and danced like a gangster
He’ll do himself a mischief with this carry on.
# Wee daniel
8 important thoughts and feelings about Daniel O'Donnell
He is bae.
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
A prisoner stabbed to death in Cork, the Dublin Monaghan Bombings and a former President sentenced to death had people talking.
# Wee daniel
Daniel O'Donnell's random act of kindness has everyone talking
What a nice chap.
# Wee daniel
This Daniel O'Donnell act of kindness is the talk of Twitter
A total gentleman.
# marriage ref
"I think everyone should be equal" - Daniel O'Donnell is voting Yes
“I can’t see what a Yes vote is going to do against anybody.”
# world of celebs
Daniel O'Donnell's wife Majella has his name tattooed on her bum... The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# daniel who?
Watch Irish schoolkids struggle to identify Daniel O'Donnell
It will make you feel OLD. So old.
Daniel O'Donnell's mother, Julia, has died aged 94
Affectionately known as “Ireland’s most famous mammy”, Julia was born on the tiny Donegal island of Owey in 1919.
# o'connell/o'donnell
The Guardian mixed up Daniel O'Donnell and Daniel O'Connell
The political leader, or the lovably twee singer? WHICH ONE IS IT?