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# Great expectations
Jarrod Bowen knows from Danny Dyer what a trophy would mean to West Ham fans
The Hammers will bid to reach a first European final in 47 years when they take on AZ Alkmaar in the Europa Conference League.
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# wwdd
What would Dani do? Dani Dyer's got an advice book coming out next year
All your burning questions, answered.
# love island
Love Island's Jack and Dani are obsessed with Temple Bar, for some reason
Obligatory Guinness shots incoming.
# true love or true lies
Here's why everyone should be watching True Love Or True Lies
Your new addiction awaits.
# Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer is calling out "new age sexism" after the papers reported on his, eh, "massive package"
Having none of it.
# bless
Poor oul Danny Dyer has been crying every night watching Dani in Love Island
He really, really misses her.
# love island
Eh, so Jack has a poster of Dani's dad, Danny Dyer, above his bed
A very normal day on Love Island.
# twat
Danny Dyer went on a gas rant about Brexit and said Dani's gonna win Love Island on Good Evening Britain
What a strange time we are all living in.
# Da please
Danny Dyer has issued a warning to Jack about joining the 'Do Bits Society' on Love Island
Jack might want to think twice.
# love island
Danny Dyer has broken his silence on Love Island after Jack and Dani's big moment last night
Viewers were pretty emotional after last night’s episode.
# love island
There's a rumour that Jack's ex-girlfriend could be heading in to the Love Island villa
Proper muggy that is.
# love island
Love Island viewers think Jack is a very brave man after he did an impression of Danny Dyer
We wonder what Danny Dyer has to say about this.
# love island
Danny Dyer has accepted that his 11-year-old daughter will probably end up on Love Island some day
The actor is pretty invested in the show now.
# love island
Danny Dyer told his daughter Dani Dyer not to be 'a melt' on the new season of 'Love Island'
She also said he might make an appearance on the show if she makes it to the final.
# love island
It's safe to say people are a bit underwhelmed with the Love Island line-up
The show kicks off next Monday.
# you slaaags
Katie Hopkins and Danny Dyer are having a proper scrap over his engagement, innit
Shots fired.
# dyerbolical
Danny Dyer 'licked the inside of Mary Berry's ear' at the TV Choice awards
His bizarre action came after a curse-filled rant.
# albert square
Eastenders trends worldwide on Twitter... here's why (and the hysterical reaction)
# queen kick
EastEnders has revealed the truth about that Ballymena GAA jersey
Nancy Carter’s Friday night fashion sparked quite the debate online.
# Face off
You can now get Nicholas Cage's face on your confectionary
You’re welcome, world.
# unmasked
Rubberbandits reveal themselves!
Rubberbandits, sans plastic bags.
# liar liar danny dyer
Rubberbandits set to hit Channel 4... here's a taster
That Danny Dyer is SUCH a liar…