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Women whose pelvises were broken during childbirth could see their medical records being shredded
A controversial Dublin café is at it again after publishing CCTV footage of a customer
Privacy watchdog ordered to investigate how Facebook uses your data
Snowden leaks provided momentum to bring us to this crucial point in data protection
Maria Helen Murphy
Europe's top court has torn up the rules on how US tech giants use your data
Two radio hosts have outed a husband's Ashley Madison account live on air
Irish people aren't too worried about affair website getting hacked
London police tweeted - then deleted - this photo of a famous comedian taken from a helicopter
You might care about your online privacy... but would you pay for it?
Kevin Koidl
Glitch in Ryanair app let users access other people's boarding passes
Here's everything you need to know about business this week
WhatsApp fails almost all criteria for data protection
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This man's privacy case against Facebook could be a 'near-disaster' for tech companies
"An outrage": Limerick Council gives tenants' information to Irish Water
Facebook accused of giving users a false sense of control
Flying somewhere? The EU wants to add you to a giant database of passenger details
'We know more about the cows in the field than the children in our schools'
Investigation launched after thousands of personal documents found on side of road
Mother of cancer victim claims HSE 'revealed sensitive detail' about daughter's medical card refusal
Department's plan to collect data on every child a 'worrying overreach of the State'
Opinion: Embarrassing photos posted online? There are ways of having them removed...
Fergal Crehan
There were 24 data breaches in Joan Burton's department this year
Ireland has gone in to bat for Microsoft in its landmark privacy case against the US
Irish Water using 'protocol' to destroy your PPS numbers
Again? Irish Water sends customer's private details to the wrong person
Samaritans seeks legal advice over controversial new 'suicide prevention app'
Irish Water is looking for a data protection manager - weeks after asking for PPS numbers
New scandal: 10 Irish Water customers had their bank details sent to their landlords
This is how the Government plans to tackle data protection issues
Here's what Irish Water say they'll do with your PPS number
Opinion: We need a modern framework for data protection – and we need it now
Martine Reicherts
Private investigators fined for unlawfully obtaining addresses of Credit Union members
'No data breach' says Irish Water, despite sending 6,329 letters to the wrong address
Meet the new boss in charge of protecting all our data
Here's why people are worried about a US warrant for emails on Irish servers
The state has asked Twitter to block 13 accounts in Ireland this year...
Microsoft loses appeal over email data stored in Ireland
Opinion: 'Right to be forgotten' ruling opens a legal and ethical Pandora's box
Niall McGlynn
HSE cannot contact home-schooled girls to provide HPV vaccine