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Column: If you take photos of people without their knowledge, you're being a creep
We need to start taking privacy in public places seriously, starting by not sharing images made without the subject’s consent – after all, next time, it could be you, writes Fergal Crehan.
Column: Why has it taken so long for the DPC to investigate Shatter's Prime Time comment?
It was almost a year ago that a complaint was made about the Minister for Justice telling Prime Time about Mick Wallace being cautioned by a garda over using his mobile phone while driving, writes William Campbell.
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It's Data Protection day - are you up to speed on your data privacy rights?
European data protection reform could be introduced before the end of this year.
# Snoop Logs
Private answers: Irish people are now less worried about social media security
Over two-thirds of people feel they have had their privacy breached, with a rise in unsolicited emails and texts.
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77 per cent of company data breaches are caused by employees
The survey found that almost a quarter of Irish companies have experienced multiple data breaches over the past twelve months.
# Surveillance
NSA using radio waves to access 100,000 offline computers
The technology has been used to monitor the Chinese Army, Mexican police and drug cartels, and trade institutions inside the European Union.
# Hacking
Users of public wi-fi may have had personal details stolen
If you use public wi-fi systems, you should read this.
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LG admits to collecting data from smart TVs
LG admitted to the claims after a British IT consultant blogged about how his smart TV sent data even after he disabled it.
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Gardaí investigate as 1.5 million affected by Loyaltybuild data breach
Customers are being advised to check for unusual transactions over the last month.
# US spying
Merkel demands no spying agreement: 'Spying among friends, that cannot be'
France and Germany have called for an agreement with the US by the end of the year to try to resolve a dispute over spying.
# Child Protection
Email with personal details of girl found at GPO accidentally sent to member of public
The message contained specific details about the young teenager’s physical and mental wellbeing and a photograph of her in hospital.
Column: Irish regulators will soon be at the forefront of questions about data protection
Global tech firms in Ireland bring responsibilities as well as benefits; Facebook’s base in Dublin means Irish regulators will be the forefront of new questions surrounding privacy and data protection, writes Dan Hayden.
# Data Protection
Facebook to pay out for using personal data in adverts
The social network must pay $20 million after an estimated 614,000 Facebook users had their personal details appear in ads on the site.
Data Protection Commissioner contacts maternity hospital over abortion data leak
A spokesperson said there had been “informal contact” to remind the hospital of the commissioner’s codes of practice.
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Data breach involving payments to current and former IBRC staff
Dozens of current and former staff at the former Anglo Irish Bank have been affected by the data breach.
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Irish government asks Twitter for some users' account details
Twitter has disclosed that the government made less than 10 requests for information about users in the first six months of this year in its latest transparency report.
EU justice chief vows new data protection laws
PRISM has ‘woken Europe up’ to the need for strict rules.
Column: How to protect your private data in a digital world
With Snowden, Prism and national security secrets in the news, it’s clear that technology has made privacy harder to ensure. Renaat Verbruggen gives a run down of how cryptography can protect your private information.
# Online publishing
Draft EU data law could kill casual web browsing, digital SMEs warn
A group of Irish online publishers say draft European laws could force users to register just to see the homepage of a website.
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Data Protection Commissioner 'not surprised' by US surveillance programme
Billy Hawkes said that his concern might be that there would be an abuse of powers that have been granted for legitimate reasons.
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Poll: Do you believe your personal information online is secure?
Revelations in the US have started a privacy debate in recent days.
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Ireland 'made EU diplomats sleep in tents' to force data protection deal
The EU’s justice commissioner says Ireland has been more committed than most to making diplomatic progress.
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The Evening Fix... now with soccer's next big talent*
Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.
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'Worrying degree of inappropriate access' to welfare information
One HSE employee searched the social welfare records of their son’s girlfriend.
# Data Protection
Insurer ordered to pay costs in data breach case
A High Court judgement is being hailed as a landmark ruling which makes businesses legally liable for data protection breaches.
# Facebook
Facebook network hit by 'sophisticated' cyber attack
The social networking giant said it found no evidence any user data was compromised.
# Robo-calls
Pro-life 'robo-calls' to Irish numbers came from United States
ComReg and the Data Protection Commissioner say because the calls came from abroad, they can take no action against them.
# Hacking
Twitter attacked by 'sophisticated' hackers
The attackers may have gained some access to user information.
# Data privacy
MEP wants Brussels to examine legality of new Facebook search
Labour’s Phil Prendergast says the new graph search may be a breach of a citizen’s right to protect their personal data.
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Data Protection Commissioner commences action on "cookie" law
The Commissioner has sent letters to 80 websites requesting information on how they have met their obligations under the law since July 2011.
# Europe-v-Facebook
Student plans Irish legal action over Facebook's privacy policy
Max Schrems and his group, ‘Europe v Facebook’, is preparing legal action against the Irish Data Protection Commissioner over its recent audit of Facebook and its privacy policy.
# Data Protection
O2 admits to loss of tape which could have customers’ personal data
The mobile phone company, which has 1.6 million customers in Ireland, says there is a “low risk to customer data privacy” and says the tape is likely to be still in an O2 building.
Column: Could Leveson affect press freedom in Ireland?
Leveson’s recommendations on data protection have been largely overlooked – but could have serious implications even here, writes Seamus Dooley.
# Abortion
Over 500 complaints over abortion robo-calls
The Data Protection Commissioner said it has reshuffled staff to deal with the rising volume of complaints.
# Abortion
Approximately 300 complaints over abortion robo-calls
The Data Protection Commissioner has continued to receive complaints about the automated phone calls but says it may be unable to take action.
# Abortion
'Large number of complaints' to Data Protection Commissioner over abortion message calls
Listen to a full recording of the message…
# Data Protection
Data Protection Commissioner investigating secondary schools' security flaw
The data watchdog has asked the manufacturer of potentially vulnerable software to provide a full list of affected schools.
# Data Protection
Irish pupils' records at risk in major data protection threat
A single username and password can be used to log into dozens of school management systems, can reveal.