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9 reasons why David Attenborough should be reading you a bedtime story

“Watch as the humble strides nobly to the jacks…”
May 8th 2013, 10:30 PM 15,311 33

IF YOU COULD have anyone to read you a bedtime story it would pretty much be a toss up between Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough, right?

Today is Attenborough’s 87th birthday though, so the honour falls to him.

Here are some reasons why we’re convinced he could bring the magic of any story to life…

1. He can talk to the animals

David Attenborough holds out his hand to Suka, an orangutan at London Zoo (Sport and General/S&G Barratts/EMPICS Archive)


2. He’s not afraid to say “boo” to a sloth

Source: BBCEarth

3. He loves a good leaf

Via Imgur

4. He might bring his brother, Richard

Rui Vieira/PA

5. He likes playing with baby gorillas

Video: YouTube/BBCEarth

6. He’s totally fine with a floral version of himself

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, File

7. He’s friends with the rhinos

8. He can narrate anything. ANYTHING

Here he is narrating Bjork’s app album Biophilia:

Video: YouTube/BjorkDotCom

And here he is telling us about an amorous tortoise:

Video: YouTube/BBC

9. He’ll get that spider out from under the bed

The IT Crowd is coming back for one final episode>

Let’s all feel good about humanity for  minute, will we?

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