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Dear Fifi: I’ve got a friend with benefits, but I've started to develop feelings
Dear Fifi is poolside.
Dear Fifi: I slept with my Dad's mate, what do I do now?
This week, it’s a surprise album drop from Dear Fifi. No wait, it’s actually just another advice column.
Dear Fifi: How do I make friends?
Tuesday’s child is full of grace, much like myself.
Dear Fifi: How do I successfully slide into someone's DMs?
Tuesday comes around faster every week, doesn’t it?
Dear Fifi: How do I get the hell over an ex?
Dear Fifi don’t have to cuss in her raps to sell records.
Dear Fifi: Embarrassing flashbacks, going bald, Twitter crushes and more - it's your quickfire questions
Tuesday, 6pm, same bat time, same bat channel.
Dear Fifi: Is a bad sex life just my cross to bear?
Dear Fifi has not been sacked.
Dear Fifi: How do I come out to my friends as pro-life?
Somehow, it’s bloody Tuesday again.
Dear Fifi: Am I an asshole?
When I say “Dear” – you say “Fifi”. Dear!
Dear Fifi: Should I stop banging my housemate?
Dear Fifi, every Tuesday.
Dear Fifi: Why do I keep on getting ghosted?
Every Tuesday, Dear Fifi answers one of your questions. This week: ghosting. Not the spooky kind, don’t worry.
Dear Fifi: I'm gay, I slept with a close (straight) friend and now she's blanking me - what do I do?
Each Tuesday. A problem solved.’s resident advice columnist Dear Fifi.
Dear Fifi: It's lots more quickfire questions!
This week, I’m answering lots of your questions quickly.
Dear Fifi: What's the f**king point?
Dear Fifi is’s resident advice columnist. Every Tuesday, she tries to help with one of your problems.
Dear Fifi: How do I become more confident talking to the opposite sex?
A post Bank Holiday Tuesday – truly the most Tuesday kind of Tuesday there is.
Dear Fifi: Is it weird to be single at 35?
Dearest darling Fifi.
Dear Fifi: How do you deal with the anxiety of social media?
The snow is gone, but you still have Dear Fifi’s cold heart to cling to.
Dear Fifi: How do I get my arse in gear after college?
Dear Fifi! Dear Fifi! Dear Fifi!
Dear Fifi: It's quickfire questions!
Dear Fifi: I'm 26 years old and have never been on a date or had a relationship
Tuesday is the worst day of the week, except for Dear Fifi. A bold claim, but I’m making it.
Dear Fifi: Do I have a responsibility to help my boyfriend to come out?
*to the tune of Dear Prudence* Dear Foofers.
Dear Fifi: Do I have a moral obligation to expose my friend's affair?
Tuesday is Dear Fifi day. That’s today!
Dear Fifi: How am I meant to flirt with women in the #MeToo era?
Dear Fifi: How do I return to Ireland after 10 years abroad?
Let’s resident agony aunt Dear Fifi solve all your problems.
Dear Fifi: How do I deal with a family member's shitty political opinions?
Dear Foofers.
Dear Fifi: Was I wrong to ask the new girl I'm seeing to get an STI test?
2018! It’s the year’s first Dear Fifi column.
Dear Fifi: It's quickfire questions!
Merry Christmas from’s resident weekly advice columnist, Dear Fifi.
Dear Fifi: Will it be okay?
Dear Fifi is’s resident advice columnist.
Dear Fifi: How do I adjust to moving to Dublin?
Ho ho ho, Deeeeear Fifi.
Dear Fifi: My mates don't like my boyfriend, what can I do?
Tuesday! It’s Dear Fifi day.
Dear Fifi: I don't feel like my mother likes me. How do I get over that?
Tuesday dinnertime! Dear Fifi time.
Dear Fifi: Why do women go for dickheads?
Dear Foofers.
Dear Fifi: My other half is obsessed with her phone and it's ruining our relationship
Dear Fifi: How do I cope with my feelings of loneliness?
It’s Tuesday, which means Dear Fifi.
Dear Fifi: I fancy my mate... but he's asked me to be his wingwoman
A rare Dear Fifi drop of advice, where Coppers is actually offered up as a solution to a problem, rather than a significant cause of it.
Dear Fifi: I'm nearly 30 and I don't feel like I've clocked up enough of life's milestones
Boo! It’s Dear Fifi time.
Dear Fifi: I'm a non-believer - and I think I'm falling for a staunch Catholic
It’s Dear Fifi time.
Dear Fifi: My boyfriend's mam won't shut up about the fact I turned him vegan
Dear Fifi is’s resident agony aunt. The cases are real. The rulings are final.
Dear Fifi: Why is it not okay to shame people over their weight?
Tuesday evenings mean a new Dear Fifi.
Dear Fifi: I'm still in my first ever relationship - am I settling? Is this it?
Dear Fifi back at it again.