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Children among 120 passengers on board missing Myanmar military plane
Debris has been found in the search for the plane, which was carrying soldiers and their relatives.
Woman in England dies after being struck by storm debris
The woman sustained serious head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Englishmen in plane that crashed into sea off Antrim coast still missing
The light aircraft the two men were travelling in disappeared last Thursday.
New pieces of debris could be linked to MH370, says Australia
The search is coming to an end according to China, Australia and Malaysia.
Helicopter needed for rescue of four men after boat capsizes
This happened at around 4.30am this morning.
Policeman arrested for attempting to sell items from MH17 wreckage
He was attempting to sell the items for €1,500.
Crashed Indonesian plane was carrying hundreds of thousands in cash
Search teams are racing to reach the site of what is believed to be debris from the plane.
There's a lot of rubbish in space and it's becoming a big problem
Millions of small pieces of debris orbit the Earth and removing it is a complicated task.
Debris revives hope of finding Amelia Earhart plane - 77 years after she went missing
A sixth expedition will take place to look for the wreckage next year.
Close one: Ukrainian girl has lucky escape from explosive debris
She walked away, seemingly unharmed.
Officials say there's 'no hope' of finding survivors after deadly Nepal landslide
Authorities have evacuated more than 20,000 people amid fears that a torrent of water could inundate villages and farms if a dam suddenly breaks.
The most spectacular piece of rubbish you're likely to see
Space junk from a Russian rocket lit up the Australian sky.
Almost the entire ocean surface has some plastic debris
Plastics from toys, bags, food containers and utensils have made their way onto the ocean surfaces – and the problem is getting worse.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Broken baseball bat flies into player waiting behind the plate
‘He could have killed the lad!’
'We'll keep searching for flight MH370 till hell freezes over' say officials
Australia officials vow to continue the search, however the prime minister said they could not be certain of success.
Malaysian PM confirms that flight MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean west of Perth
Data shows that the flight flew along the southern corridor and ended in a remote location far from any landing sites.
Timeline: The hunt for the mystery Malaysia Airlines flight
The search enters its eighth day today and authorities now say the plane’s disappearance was ‘deliberate’.
Satellite images of possible missing plane debris released by Chinese government
The pictures were taken by a satellite on Sunday.
Possible debris from vanished Malaysia Airlines found in the sea off Vietnam
This is the first time authorities have given any positive indication that traces of the Boeing 777 have been found.
How to: Survive when you're lost in the (Irish) wilderness
Headed away this weekend? These essential skills will help you in case it all goes wrong…
Football washes up on Alaskan island a year after Japan's tsunami
Football travelled over 5,000km after a tsunami struck the north-eastern coast of Japan in March 2011.
WATCH: Tsunami debris spreading across the Pacific towards Hawaii
Homes, boats, cars, household appliances and other objects were washed into the ocean following the tsunami last year. This animated model shows how it is still moving across the Pacific.
Researchers finish first complete map of Titanic debris site
The ship sank one hundred years ago next month on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.
Watch: ISS crew returns to Earth as NASA issues warning to remaining team
A piece of debris from a destroyed Chinese satellite is expected to pass close by the ISS tomorrow.
So what DID cause Monday night’s floods?
Theories abound as local authorities, businesses and ordinary citizens count the cost of one evening’s deluge.
South Korean soldiers search debris for land mines
The searches are taking place following fears that landslides disrupted the mines.
Space junk almost gets too close for comfort for astronauts
NASA gives all-clear after alert saw debris from a Chinese satellite heading towards the International Space Station.