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19th March 2023 - 25th March 2023
# School Shooting
US student wanted for shooting two school staff in Colorado is found dead
One wounded school administrator remained hospitalised in serious condition, while another has been discharged.
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# Denver
Tens of thousands face anxious wait to return home after fleeing wildfires in Colorado
At least one first responder and six other people were injured in the blazes.
# Denver
Gunman who killed five people in Colorado shooting spree ‘knew most of his victims’
Lyndon McLeod carried out the shootings at a number of locations before being shot dead by a police officer.
# Shooting
Lone shooter kills four people in two Colorado cities
The shooter was killed by police after opening fire in multiple locations last night.
# Positive
Two hyenas, 11 lions and two tigers test positive for coronavirus at Denver Zoo
They are the first confirmed cases of the disease in the species.
# Flights
Boeing calls for grounding of some 777s and UK bans them from its airspace after Denver engine fire
The order follows the failure of a Boeing 777 over Denver on Saturday.
# Emergency Landing
Debris falls from plane during emergency landing near Denver
Flight 328 was travelling from Denver to Honolulu when the incident occurred.
# Lawsuit
US woman left to give birth alone in jail cell sues city of Denver
After almost six hours of labour, Diana Sanchez gave birth to a boy.
# Backfired
Off-duty FBI agent accidentally shoots bystander after backflip in Colorado club
The shooting victim was taken to hospital from non-life-threatening injuries, local media reported.
# Shooting
'We have multiple deputies down': One police officer dead and four injured in US shooting
It is an ongoing incident.
# groping
Taylor Swift wins sexual assault case against DJ
“I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organisations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.”
# disciplinary action
First openly lesbian bishop in US Methodist Church may lose her job
Bishop Karen Oliveto’s civil marriage to another woman violates church law that bars clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals”.
# Ouch
Parkour stunt goes wrong as man falls 40 feet down chimney
The free runner was stuck in the chimney for nearly two hours.
# Colorado
Here’s what it’s like in the first US city to allow marijuana to be smoked socially
Denver now allows bars and restaurants to give patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a cocktail or meal.
# US Rugby
'Rubbing shoulders with Botha, O'Connell - it's something you can't buy'
Former Munster Peter Borlase is assistant coach of the Denver Stampede, winners of PRO Rugby.
# frontier man
The Irishman leading the mile-high rugby revolution in sports-mad Denver
Sean O’Leary is head coach of the newly-formed professional side in the city.
# preventive measure
School security staff in Colorado are being armed with semi-automatic rifles
Douglas County is spending more than $12,000 to buy 10 semiautomatics.
# biker gangs
One killed, at least six injured as violence breaks out at Denver motorcycle rally
A witness said the feud was started by rival biker gangs.
# Denver
Charity gives free joints to homeless people on Christmas Eve
The non-profit organisation said they stunt was an attempt to raise funds for services for homeless people.
# drink driving
This photo of a baby girl wearing her fallen mother's police hat has gone viral
Jaimie Jursevics was allegedly killed by a drunk driver.
# Egyptian goddess
Isis bookshop vandalised for fifth time, still refuses to change name
‘Some ignorant people believe that the terrorists have a gift store in the middle of Denver.’
# aurora massacre
'Batman' cinema shooter James Holmes spared death penalty
The jury spent two days deliberating after three months of evidence.
'We've seen who can cope in extreme conditions,' Farrell in awe of England's pre-World Cup training
‘Everyone says they’ve had the best pre-season of all time.’
# aurora massacre
'Batman' cinema shooter James Holmes found guilty, despite insanity plea
After being convicted on all 165 charges, Holmes could now face the death penalty.
# Courtroom drama
"There was a lot of blood": Victims describe night of 'Batman' cinema massacre
James Holmes is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.
# Denver
Pilot taking selfies 'likely factor' in fatal plane crash
The pilot and only passenger died in the crash last year.
# Denver
Police warn children could be given marijuana-laced Halloween sweets
# Air Wars
Two passengers fighting over reclining seats forced an entire flight to divert
Understandable tbh.
# pizza pie in the sky
US pilot treats passengers to pizza after storms delay flight
Ryanair, take note.
# easter baking
Here's why so many people in the US are smoking cannabis today
Today is 4/20. Here’s what that means.
# America
High school student sets himself on fire in school cafeteria
The boy doused himself in oil before lighting himself on fire in a suicide attempt.
# legalisation
Legal recreational 'pot shops' open in Colorado
Business owners opened their doors to shoppers at 8am, with 25 pot shops in eight towns opening today.
# Denver
New US school shooting on eve of Newtown anniversary
Local authorities in Colorado say the assailant, who was also a student, has been found dead. Two others were injured.
Nine of South Park's finest sporting moments
Beware: Offensive material, foul language and possibly even a few spoilers are just one click away.
# snow storm
"It's time we had a talk...": Colorado news anchor is sick of viewers' patio snow photos
We’re surprised Martin King hasn’t done this yet.
# Wild West
Frontierland: Early photos of major US cities
Some already hold the shape of the cities they would become – some are a little grittier.
# Aurora
Prosecutors to seek death penalty in US cinema shooting
“In all the information that is available to me, it is my intention that for James Eagan Holmes in this case, justice is death,” the prosecuting lawyer said today.
# Cinema shootings
Court to hear details of Colorado theatre massacre
A week-long preliminary hearing will determine whether James Holmes, 25, will stand trial for the fatal shootings of 12 people last July.
# Pre-Season
NFL: Peyton Manning is back but Broncos lose
The veteran managed two touchdown passes from 10 completed. Meanwhile, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez took it in turns to throw interceptions as the Jets once again failed to score a touchdown.
# hole lotta fun
What happens when an aeroplane hits a bird? This.
The United Airlines flight was able to land safely, despite having a big hole in it.