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18 old Desperate Housewives characters that will make you sick with nostalgia

Apr 23rd 2017, 6:00 PM 11,946 12

WE, AS A nation, were weirdly obsessed with Desperate Housewives back in the ’00s.

You might think you remember every twist and turn of Wisteria Lane – but there are some classic characters that might have slipped your mind and will give you that tingle of 2004 nonsense telly drama you’ve been missing. Strap yourselves in:

1. Mike Delfino

mike-delfino Source: Wordpress

Your friendly neighbourhood plumber.

2. Katherine Mayfair

Katherine-Mayfair-Dana-Delany Source: ABC

Remember when she returned to Wisteria Lane and you were just waiting for her dark secret to come out and yup, she buried her son in the woods.


3. Edie Britt


Stay away from Karl!

4. Andrew Van de Kamp

Andrew van de Kamp Source: PhotoBucket

5. Martha Huber

Marthafinds Source: Wikia

The shnake.

Which leads us directly to:

6. Paul Young

PaulYoungDH Looking suitably menacing there. Good man. Source: Wikimedia

7. John Rowland

johnrowland Source: ABC

Enter, the world’s least realistic 17-year-old.

8. Julie Mayer

e9bb20e5c5028b65cdba7be84295a4db Source: ABC

Doling out love advice to her mam Teri Hatcher with the wisdom of a 62-year-old agony aunt.

9. Karl Mayer

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

“I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him” – your mam, every time Karl came on screen.

10. Carlos Solis

carlos-solis Source: Zoom-cinema

11. Danielle Van de Kamp

vande Source: ABC

12. Tom Scavo

Tom_Scavo Source: Wikimedia

Just the secret love child for Tom. He was one of the sounder ones.

13. Rex Van de Kamp

rex Source: wikia

Injecting the necessary titillation into the first season.

Until he was cruelly taken down by the one and only:

14. George Williams

george Source: ABC

Wisteria Lane Evil Genius #248.

15. Orson Hodge

orson Source: Wikia

Who could forgot that time he repeatedly ran over Mike in his car? Serious craic.

16. Zach Young


It’s all coming back to you now.

17. Angie Bolen

AngieBolen Source: Spoilersguide

Just your run of the mill fugitive moving on to the estate.

18. Matthew Applewhite


Keeping Caleb locked in that basement was a portent of things to come.

Oh, Desperate Housewives – how did you get away with it?

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