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Russian court extends detention of US basketball star
'It is what keeps me awake at night': Irish fears rise as migrants are detained in the US
China confirms detention of 2 Canadians as tensions rise between countries
Mental health patients to be re-examined due to emergency legislation to address 'unconstitutional' law
US government still holds 565 immigrant children
French teenager spent two weeks in US detention after she crossed Canada border jogging on beach
'Indefensible, immoral, shocking': Coveney on the separation of children at US borders
LISTEN: Children at US detention centre cry out for parents, plead with immigration agents
Gardaí called to Oberstown over 'disturbance' involving residents
China releases human rights lawyer after 'show trial'
Turkish police detain 400 suspected members of Islamic State
Staff at Oberstown postpone industrial action to allow talks on safety
15-year-old boy facing additional jail time for throwing paint at fellow teenager on Luas
Refugee convicted of attempting suicide during attempt to move him
Three youths start fire while 'trashing' room at Dublin detention centre
A Canadian teenager got detention for wearing this dress and her response was brilliant
Child restrained with handcuffs by five staff at Oberstown campus
How many children were sent to detention schools this year?
Irish man stopped while boarding ferry to Holyhead, €168,000 seized
Fifth male arrested in UK terrorism investigation
Trial of human rights activist 'based on scant and dubious evidence'
More than a dozen children admitted as involuntary patients in 2013
Californian man charged with decade-long kidnap of ex-girlfriend's daughter
It's 30 years since The Breakfast Club met for detention
Column: The abuse a US President – and the world – chooses to ignore
Colm O'Gorman
One of the largest fishing vessels in the world detained by Irish Naval Service
Construction to begin on new juvenile detention facility in Oberstown
No update on status of Halawa siblings being held in Egypt
12 incredible reasons for getting a detention
Enda Kenny: Religious orders should reflect on making a monetary contribution to Magdalenes
Shatter: Religious orders have a moral and ethical obligation to contribute to Magdalene survivors
16 things that made you THE coolest kid in school
British fishing vessel detained off Aran Islands
"No evidence of rendition" in garda investigations
Report shows Ireland facilitated CIA rendition programme
Plane used to transfer unlawfully detained man landed at Shannon
Naval Service detain Spanish fishing vessel off Cork coast
Naval Service detain fishing vessel off Cork coast
Law reform could expedite appeals over mental health detention