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Quiz: How well do you know Die Hard?
Welcome to the party, pal!
Debate Room: Is Die Hard a Christmas film?
Two of our team had a heated disagreement about it and, here, they make their claims.
James McClean embracing his family after Ireland's win produced this brilliant photo
*wipes away tear with jersey*
This Christmas tree ornament is the best present you can get a Die Hard fan
Ho ho ho.
This Dublin cinema is throwing an 80s-tastic Die Hard Christmas party
The Light House, giving the people what they want.
Everyone is sharing this wonderful New Yorker tribute to Alan Rickman
Oh, just crying again.
Everyone is sharing this wonderful New Yorker tribute to Alan Rickman
Oh, just crying again.
Plot of Die Hard hidden in source code of Jeb Bush's website
Sure you do know him – George’s brother.
Professor Snape just got hitched
Alan Rickman has married his partner of 50 years. Yes, 50.
Here are all the screenings of classic Christmas movies around Ireland
That we know of. Elf, Home Alone, Muppets Christmas Carol…
Irish viewers tuning in for Die Hard 4.0 got a nasty surprise last night
There was something much worse altogether.
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later.
Here's the proof that Home Alone is Die Hard for kids in one image
Why didn’t we see it before?
The Die Hard trailer, recut with bloopers
We want to see a full version.
Chris O'Dowd's HBO drama... and 4 other weekend TV picks
Whether you’re staying in or going wild, we’ve got the telly for you.
6 everyday situations you'd like John McClane to handle
Sometimes, we wish the Die Hard hero could step in for us.
Bruce Willis is just like your dad. Here's why...
Bald, embarrassing, and sings old songs. Just like Dad.
Classic movies recreated in 60 seconds…. with clay puppets
With extremely gory clay special effects.
Bruce 'Die Hard' Willis is against gun control laws
He also rejects link between Hollywood shootouts and real-life gun crime.
VIDEO: All the things Bruce Willis has ever broken
He takes no prisoners.