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Opinion: Securing the world’s data - Ireland’s rising role as a global data hub
Ireland is a well-placed host for the world’s data, explains Jacky Fox of Accenture, but we need to seize all future opportunities.
Opinion: Teaching children digital literacy is a must if we are to combat misinformation
Emma DeSouza says children and the wider community must be taught the required skills to navigate a digital world.
Opinion: Let's call 'revenge porn' what it really is - sexual abuse
Legal expert Róisín Á Costello discusses the recent sharing of images of thousands of women online without consent and says it’s now time to right the legal wrongs in this area.
Opinion: 'The children I meet are often shattered by their social media use'
Often, girls are worn out by body judgement and boys by overuse of video games, writes Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist.
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Are you over 50? Using the internet could help you fight off dementia
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