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Last month
August 2023
The plan to end Direct Provision by next year is being revised - what's next for the system?
A report by
Jane Moore
The Government’s White Paper had committed to ending Direct Provision by 2024.
Man who died in Dundalk crash involving e-scooter was a resident at local Direct Provision site
The Department will ‘work closely with the centre management to assist the person’s next-of-kin, if known, in accessing the full supports provided by the State’.
This year
Nine people died in asylum seeker accommodation in Ireland last year, highest figure since 2008
That’s according to data from the International Protection Accommodation Services.
Lynn Ruane: In all my years of community work I've never met the ones 'fighting for Ireland'
The independent senator takes the narrative of the Far Right to task and asks them just how much they truly care for communities in Ireland.
Department of Equality 'deplores' protests against refugee accommodation in Dublin and Fermoy
Protests took place in multiple spots across Dublin.
Eight men appear in court over public order incident at Direct Provision centre
Eight accused appeared before the court all charged with violent disorder.
Two men arrested after stabbing at Direct Provision centre in Killarney
Four men were injured in the incident and treated in hospital.
Last year
Aisha: How this Irish film gives a look inside the Direct Provision system
We speak to the director, Frank Berry.
Direct Provision firm records profits of €4.52m as revenues climb to €14.9m
The company operates five different properties in Co Donegal, Co Sligo, Co Mayo, Co Offaly and Co Clare
Refugee Council warns of ‘grievous’ risk to minors and women in 'deteriorating' accommodation
The IRC said it does not believe tents or sleeping on floors meet a protection applicant’s basic needs.
Anti human trafficking report calls for gender-specific accommodation for victims
The national anti-trafficking rapporteur listed education, the war in Ukraine and age identification as concerns.
Family who gave out free face masks during pandemic granted residency in Ireland
The Singh family, who live in direct provision in Cork, say that making the masks was about ‘giving back’ to a country they arrived in over four and a half years ago.
FactCheck: Were refugees and asylum seekers segregated by race in a Dublin processing centre?
An activist Twitter account claims an “apartheid system” gives Ukrainians preferential treatment over asylum seekers from other countries.
Arrivals to a Dublin centre were given different coloured wristbands depending on their race according to an activist group.
Wristbands determined access to beds with Ukrainian arrivals given beds while other asylum seekers slept on the floor, the group alleged.
The group, Abolish Direct Provision Campaign, called on Minister Roderic O'Gorman to resign.
'The saddest journey of my life': Asylum seekers on navigating Ireland's immigration process
Asylum seekers who spoke to researchers praised supports such as counselling but said their treatment in some situations made integration difficult.
Opinion: St Patrick's story should make us consider how Ireland treats refugees
Author and medieval historian Elizabeth Boyle writes that tomorrow we should reflect on how we can write a new chapter of Ireland’s history.
National Gallery 'regrets' removal of portraits but says Direct Provision operator will still run cafe
Artists claim Direct Provision operators ‘have no place in our National Gallery.’
Gallery workers express 'deep distress' on awarding of cafe contract to Direct Provision firm
Aramark, a Direct Provision centre operator, was awarded the catering contract for the National Gallery.
Aramark, an American corporation, took over running the gallery's cafe on 14 February, Brianna Parkins writes.
Staff asked the gallery's board members earlier this month to reconsider Aramark's suitability for catering contract.
Company currently operates three Direct Provision centres for the State in Cork, Clare and Westmeath.
Public Accounts Committee 'not satisfied' with reliance on hotels for direct provision
The PAC has made a number of recommendations on the system.
All time
I wrote on a piece of paper: 'Another lonely Christmas!’ and stuck it on the wall of my room
Activist and artist Vukašin Nedeljković writes about their three years in Direct Provision, and showing people the ‘everyday realities’ of asylum seekers.
Government body quashes claims that Direct Provision residents were served meals in plastic bag
“Food is not served to residents in plastic bags,” a spokesperson for the International Protection Accommodation Service said.
New law and 'admin solutions' needed before asylum seekers can get driving licences, dept says
Some legal experts have said that new legislation is not required, rather a different interpretation of the current law.
Opinion: Asylum seekers with disabilities are largely invisible in an already difficult system
Asylum seekers with disabilities in Direct Provision must be afforded equal rights when compared to people with disabilities outside Direct Provision, Keelin Barry writes.
Direct Provision: limbo continues for thousands with no idea of when they’ll get out
The end of Direct Provision by December 2024 is doubtful as more than 4000 asylum seekers await their claims to be assesed, writes Bulelani Mfaco.
Minister appoints independent group to track progress on ending Direct Provision
The government earlier this year published its plan for a new system with not-for-profit accommodation.
Department 'feared' plan to end Direct Provision would be undermined without access to State lands
There are concerns new accommodation for asylum seekers could be delayed as a result.
The Government has committed to ending Direct Provision by 2024.
However, there are fears this could be difficult without access to State lands, Cónal Thomas reports.
Sinn Féin had called for the Land Development Agency to build some asylum accommodation.
'Dismay' as asylum seekers now waiting over two years for claims to be processed
Protection applicants are waiting almost 27 months for a decision on their application.
'Forgotten, we feel like garbage': Housing policies exclude Travellers, migrants and asylum seekers
A report by
Cormac Fitzgerald
Cormac Fitzgerald, for The Good Information Project, examines the figures and the significant barriers to access to secure living arrangements for Travellers and migrants.
The housing problem is at its most acute among minority groups, such as Travellers, migrants and asylum seekers.
Cormac Fitzgerald, for The Good Information Project, examines the figures and the significant barriers to access to secure living arrangements.
"It's an absolutely appalling national disgrace," says Bernard Joyce of the Irish Traveller Movement.
24 Emergency Accommodation centres for asylum seekers to be closed this year
The move is part of the government’s plan to end the institutionalised Direct Provision system by 2024.
Over 1,000 people with status to remain are stuck in Direct Provision as they can't find other housing
Eoin Ó Broin says these people should be included in the government’s homelessness figures.
Number of child safety failings in Direct Provision centres, ombudsman report finds
Staff at one centre were found to have not been vetted to work with children.
'My foster father wiped down everything I touched': Call to tackle racism in social care
Ireland is repeating the mistakes of mother and baby homes, social workers have warned.
Issues with Covid-19 high on the list of complaints by Direct Provision residents, says ombudsman
Only 61 complaints were received by the Office of the Ombudsman in 2020, dropping from 168 in 2019.
Move quickly and misinform: How direct provision centres became a catalyst for far-right activism in Ireland
The first in a four-part investigation into the growth of far-right activity online in Ireland explores how an anti-immigration agenda infiltrated local activism.
The Explainer: What is the government's radical new plan for Direct Provision?
Activist Ola Mustapha, Nick Henderson of the Irish Refugee Council and reporter Cónal Thomas talk us through it.
O'Gorman will 'consider' State apology on Direct Provision but 'the best thing we can do is create new system'
Plans to end Direct Provision by 2024 were unveiled today.
State plans to end Direct Provision by 2024 and replace system with not-for-profit accommodation
The Government’s White Paper published today will lay out measures to overhaul the controversial privatised system.
Deaths in Direct Provision to be recorded and released by Department for first time
It comes after a number of TDs and Senators called for greater transparency.
Waiting time for asylum seekers to seek permission to work reduced by three months
Asylum seekers will need to wait six months instead of nine before they can apply for permission to work in Ireland.
Contracts with private firms running Direct Provision should not be renewed - Refugee Council
There are currently more than 7,000 people living in Direct Provision.
Government's plan for ending Direct Provision delayed until February 2021
A White Paper on replacing the controversial system was due to be completed and submitted to Cabinet by late December.