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# Dirty Old Town

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# Dirty Old Town
20 Things Every Dubliner Knows For Sure
Insider knowledge.
# Dirty Old Town
The morning after: This is what Temple Bar looked like first thing today
The cleanup begins…
# Letterkenny
Why is Ireland's Tidiest Town also one of its most littered?
A new survey for the Irish Business Against Litter group has found Ireland has no litter blackspots.
# State Papers
30 years ago, Dublin was a crime-riddled joyrider's paradise
The damage being done with stolen cars in particular had the population terrified.
# Dublin's Fair City
21 reasons Dublin will always have a place in our hearts
# working 24/7
Is Dublin City Council doing enough to clean up the city?
“To suggest … that Dublin City Council is complacent fails to recognise the scale of the challenge.”
# Dirty Old Town
Get out of the water: No swimming at popular southside bathing spot after E Coli found
The presence of the organism can cause sickness in humans – so maybe hold off on a dip for a little while.
# Dublin
Emergency response under way after "extensive fish kill" on the Tolka
Hundreds of dead fish have been spotted along the Dublin river, following what looks like a detergent dump.
# Dirty Old Town
Visitor to Dublin films the city for two days, and makes it look super cool
How others see our city.
# Dirty Old Town
Here's what 1930s Dublin looked like in motion
Lovely photos from the Man on Bridge project have been brought to life.
# views of dublin
Wonderful timelapse drawings of the Dublin skyline will make you proud of the city
Not so dirty old town.
# Dirty Old Town
Two in five Dublin dog-owners aren't cleaning up after their pet
Dubliners consider the issue a worse problem than cigarette buts, chewing gum or graffiti.
# Dirty Old Town
11 tweets that sum up Dublin
Users are tweeting their favourite thing about the city.
# Dirty Old Town
18 things every Dubliner knows for sure
Knowledge from the actual, real capital.
# Dirty Old Town
Eye-opening footage of Dubliners in the 1970s
Wow, people really dressed up for the pub back then.
# Uniquely Dublin
VIDEOS: What makes Dublin "Uniquely Dublin"?
Gorgeous videos of what makes Dublin the way it is.