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This Disneyland detail will give Irish people an immature LOL

When will Disney learn? You can’t just throw around the word “mickey” in front of Irish people.
Dec 19th 2014, 2:57 PM 4,717 2

POOR OLD DISNEY. All they want is to give us wholesome family fun, but our immature Irish sense of humour just won’t allow it.

Take this for example – reader Emma L sent us in this detail she noticed in a list of little-know things about Disneyland:

Much like its Florida counterpart, Disneyland has Hidden Mickeys all over the place.


We looked in to this, and yes, Hidden Mickeys are a massive deal in Disneyland. There is a whole fan website devoted to them, in fact.


There were obviously no Irish people involved in the planning of this little detail.

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