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Pubs will be allowed host live music sessions when they reopen
Minister Catherine Martin said the government would not be discouraging live music.
# give us the night
'It's laughable what we have here': DJs and venue owners call for longer licensing hours
They are meeting tonight in Dublin.
# Twist and Shout
It's Different For Girls - women love music, make music and are good at music, thanks very much
“Women gather in kitchens at parties and drunkenly point at their friends and say ‘THIS IS OUR SONG’ about every single song and then get them in a headlock”. Jenn Gannon is here for women and she’s here for music.
# don't let the beat drop
Here's the moment two DJs epically trolled an entire audience of ravers
They weren’t ready to mellow out quite so soon.
# Radio Gaga
Here is Ed Sheeran's response to the FM104 'suspended DJs' fiasco
The singer-songwriter weighed in on Twitter.
# chatter boxes
63 hours chatting: Irish DJs break world record for the longest ever radio talk show
The talk show beat a US Christian station who previously held the record.
# beat on the street
These videos make 2fm's Beat on the Street look like the most fun ever
Can’t we go back to those halcyon days?
6 things that are better later
We’re up all night to get lucky.
# Australia
Australian radio show involved in hoax hospital call to be taken off air
The nurse who was the recipient of the hoax call, Jacintha Saldanha, was found dead three days later.
# hoax call
Funeral of Jacintha Saldanha to be held in India today
The nurse will be buried in a small town in southwest India this morning, ten days after she was found dead in London.
# Tragedy
Emotional Australian DJs talk about tragedy of Kate prank call
Michael Christian and Mel Greig apologised to Jacintha Saldanha’s family and said they were ‘shattered, gutted and heartbroken’.