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11 of the guiltiest dogs and their ingenious crimes

So guilty.
Jul 3rd 2014, 9:30 PM 42,829 35

YOU DO A bold thing, you hear all about it.

These guilty pets can’t properly comprehend how sorry they are, but their faces say it all. Their owners aren’t letting them away with it either.

1. This little guy, making the most out of his situation

17150a92-5418-425b-be8b-56be698b65c4 Source:

2. This wasn’t ENTIRELY his fault then

10394797_322047521283901_3382612108168741848_n Source: Facebook

3. The eyes say it all


4. This is bad and he should feel bad


5. This guy saw a feast and ate it, no regrets

dogs-who-are-shamelessly-proud-of-what-they-just-did-29 Source: fbtrouble


10447401_322049454617041_4588637677674884320_n Source: That Mutt

7. You win some you lose some

10346385_322048797950440_7651827526120318738_n Source: Facebook

8. Some people are SO prude

253ea26d-a320-4995-aeef-feba5a3e395d Source:

9. There are no affiliations to be found here

dogs-who-are-shamelessly-proud-of-what-they-just-did-6 Source: fbtrouble

10. We’ve all been there man

10294241_322048737950446_393134797824258169_n Source: Facebook

11. They had it coming, in fairness

fcc3813d-ed56-4952-8f0b-251bcaae8df1 Source: Playbuzz

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