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Dublin: 11 °C Wednesday 3 June, 2020

#dog video

Cheeky labrador caught on camera stealing food from the fridge

Ingenious. Bold, but ingenious.

Just a dog, wearing a teddy bear costume, running on a treadmill

Delightful. Cuddly. Adorable.

Two dogs have a spaghetti-eating competition. But who will win?

It’s more tense than the World Cup.

Watch this golden retriever hilariously fail an obedience test

It just couldn’t resist the treats.

This firmly asleep pitbull puppy is you every weekday morning


This dog is NOT in the mood for its owner's silly games

“Get OUT of my face.”

Dog throws an actual tantrum when it's time to stop swimming

Nothing comes between Bella and her swim time. Nothing.

Dog protects hamster from inquisitive terrier

I can be your hero, hamster.

Tiny dog breaks her legs, gets on perfectly fine without them

She doesn’t need those front paws, anyway. Well, maybe a little bit.

Dog sees owner for the first time in years, passes out with excitement

It was just too much for its little body to take.

Guilty dog apologises to baby for stealing her toy

Sickeningly cute.

Watch this dog become thoroughly confused by an egg

“But what is it supposed to BE? What does it DO?”

It's Game of Thrones, improved with pugs

The pugs of Westeros. A fine bunch.

Excited dog and deer have a ball racing each other


Dogs eats lemon and proceeds to lose his mind

Delicious yet disgusting.

Delighted dogs try to keep balloon from touching the ground

Wonder do they also play ‘the floor is lava’ at home?

Guilty dog makes a mess, gets ratted out by friends


No one will ever love anything like this dog loves his bucket

Charcoal’s favourite toy is a red bucket. He REALLY loves his red bucket.

This chihuahua is almost too excited to be going out

Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go?

Fluffy husky DEMANDS that you play with him

You want to relax? Sorry, it’s actually playtime.

Over-excited dog sees a squirrel, shrieks like a dolphin

He’s basically the dog from Up.

Just a Japanese beagle riding around on a skateboard, to Westlife, in Spanish

A little treat for your pseudo-Friday evening.

Oh nothing, just a pile of bull terriers sleeping adorably

It’s a doggy spoon.

Hopeful dog tries to jump on couch, fails spectacularly

He’s gonna make it! ….He didn’t make it.

'Dogs confused by magic trick' is the funniest thing you'll see today What The... This post contains videos

Cute dog is enthralled by the Dublin St Patrick's Day parade

Who said dogs can’t join in the fun?

Who wouldn't love to be welcomed home by this singing deaf dog?

Nobody sings when we come through the door.

Bulldog wants to show you his special party trick

It’s probably better than your party piece, in fairness.

Watch as this tiny puppy is sung to sleep

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little Taco…

This dog bloody loves watching tennis

George getting stuck into the Australian Open.

Adorable little puppy is already trained to do tricks

He can sit, speak, and look incredibly cute on command.

We are fully convinced that this dog is saying "no"

Look who’s talking.