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Photos: Coast Guard rescues a dog trapped at Howth cliff
The dog is reported to be in ‘good form’ after the rescue.
Homes destroyed in worst bushfires in South Australia for three decades
More than a dozen homes have already been destroyed in the fire and there are concerns that lives could be at risk.
This little girl struggling to make her dog hula-hoop is utterly adorable
“Good boy.”
Restaurant apologises for calling child's assistance dog 'smelly'
The family said they were asked to leave, but the restaurant denies this.
Woman threatens dog owners who don't scoop the poop with unusual punishment
Revenge is stinky.
Benny the dog has a unique talent for opening presents
Santa’s little helper.
Little boy's emotional reaction to his new puppy will warm your icy heart
It’s all just TOO MUCH.
Irish mam thinks dog ate the Christmas ham, goes on swearing rampage
The poor, poor woman.
'A dog is for life', so why do people continue to give them as presents?
That well-known phrase just hasn’t stuck.
A dog has accidentally shot his owner
The incident occurred in Wyoming.
Adorable dog runs for the very first time thanks to 3D-printed prosthetics
Technology is magic.
A dog choir is having a Christmas concert this week
Yes, a choir. Made from dogs.
Trust us when we say this video of a pug taking a bath will do your soul good
Barry <3 baths.
Family saves puppy with jug stuck on its head for two months
Puppy in a bucket, I know, I know, it’s serious.
Homeless dog's incredible transformation captured in time lapse video
This is Charlie.
Man rescued from Tolka after jumping in to save his dog
He is currently being treated in hospital.
Dog hitches ride on side of ambulance after 85-year-old owner taken ill
Buddy <3
Crafty dog is a better negotiator than you will ever be
Just give up now.
Shih Tzu dressed as a Teddy Bear is officially the cutest thing ever
Adorable bouncing baby laughs as dog tries to catch her shadow
A high dose of awwwww to end your day.
'The worst we've ever seen': Dog rescue closes because it has too many unwanted animals
MADRA, a charity based in Galway, has had to close for only the second time since it opened ten years ago.
This dog can sing the blues better than just about any human
The voice of our generation.
This guy basically got arrested by his own dog
Perplexed dog gets into one-sided battle with chair as he attempts to retrieve his ball
Poor Teddy.
Relax everyone... The lone puppy trapped in a mineshaft in Cork has now been rescued
How do you get four beagles out of a mineshaft? Here’s how.
These 3 beagle puppies were rescued from a mineshaft ... but one is still missing
One of their siblings is still down the mineshaft this morning — but it’s hoped he’ll come out of his own accord.
This is the cutest game of hide and seek that ever happened
How a 12-year-old cocker spaniel reduced TV audiences to tears last night
We love you Floss!
Dog of Texas nurse with Ebola won't be put down
There was uproar when it was suggested that the dog of a Spanish Ebola patient be put down.
In pics: Our guide dogs changed our lives
“With York as my guide, I take in the sea air, listen to the seagulls and fetch my morning coffee.”
Two men jailed over family dog being set on fire
The owners of the dog, Cody, said they found the past two years very stressful.
Tiny pug attack will cure you of any hint of Monday sadness
So many squees.
This Yorkie is NOT into sharing his breakfast
Hilarious letter from Irish 9-year-old details exactly what she'd do to get a dog
It involves swimming in fecal matter.
This heartwarming video capturing a dog being rescued will give you all the feels
Your heart won’t be able.
Tiny Chihuahua takes on bubbles, bubbles win
Dog tricks passing guy into playing never-ending game of fetch
An escape? There is no escape.
This dog does not understand the concept of doors
But… I’m outside?
All is well with the world: Twink has been reunited with her dog
A man has been arrested in relation to the dog-napping.
Dog is late to the ice bucket challenge, but the result is far too cute to ignore
You go and save the best for laaaast.