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8 dogs who just really want one tiny slice of your pizza, okay?

Just one slice. It’s not gonna kill you.
May 5th 2014, 1:35 PM 9,725 2

DOGS ARE MAN’S best friend.

So why won’t you cut them a little slack and break them off a slice of your pizza? Why?

1. Worried pug thinks pepperoni might help

Source: Daily Pics and Flicks



3. I must have left this behind…

S0jow9w Source: Imgur

4. The strong, silent type


5. Excuse me, a slice with no mushrooms please


6. This? Yes, this is mine

I gave my dog (Molly) a small piece of pizza close to 10 minutes ago and she has been walking around the house since unsure what to do with it (more pics in comments) - Imgur Source: Imgur

7. Share the wealth, mate

Source: thaimagic90/YouTube

8. I’m wearing this jumper for you and you can’t give me one bite?

One slice. That’s all they ask.

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