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Last year
New NFL concussion rule hits Dolphins in loss to Jets
Elsewhere Philadelphia edged host Arizona 20-17 to remain the NFL’s only unbeaten club.
Satellite images show Russia deploying trained dolphins to protect Black Sea naval base
The US Naval Institute said the dolphins may be tasked with counter-diver operations to prevent Ukrainian forces infiltrating the harbour.
All time
# calls for change
Faroe Islands government to review hunt rules after dolphin slaughter
The sea mammals are killed for their meat and blubber.
# Faroe Islands
Slaughter of dolphins on Faroes sparks debate on traditions
Islanders usually kill up to 1,000 sea mammals annually, according to data kept by the Faroe Islands.
Fitzpatrick fires Miami to big win in Jacksonville
The 37-year-old ensured the Dolphins took the Florida bragging rights in the NFL.
# solo
After 36 years, Fungie has become the Guinness World Records' oldest dolphin living alone
The dolphin was first spotted in Dingle in 1983.
# blasket islands
20 years on, first two humpback whales recorded by Irish group are still swimming together
They were first spotted off the coast of Cork in 1999.
# Spirtle
Family of bottlenose dolphins spotted off Kerry coast
The dolphins are believed to have travelled from Scotland.
Watson throws for 5 touchdowns as Texans roll over Dolphins
Houston improved to 5-3 on the season and extended their lead in the AFC South Division after starting out 0-3.
Do we want our beaches strewn with stranded dolphins?
It’s time for the government to ban fossil fuel exploration and invest in the real local, rural renewable economy on our coastlines, writes Sinead Mercier.
# Tables Turned
Cutler shines as Dolphins upset Brady to deny Patriots a divisional title
Bill Belichick’s men were always chasing the game.
# Research
Whales and dolphins have tight-knit social groups and 'human-like' cultures and societies
The study links the complexity of cetacean culture and behaviour to the size of their brains.
# Cuba
Dolphins airlifted to safety by helicopter in advance of Hurricane Irma
The six male dolphins were placed on foam mattresses and flown to the southwestern side of Cuba to avoid the storm landfall.
# record number
56 dolphins and whales have washed up on Irish beaches so far this year
This is the highest number at this stage of the year since records began.
# aj
Green lights up Cincinnati in Bengals win over Miami
The receiver ran in a touchdown and accounted for 173 yards in the win over the Dolphins.
# irish coast
Call for more monitoring of super trawlers after dolphin deaths
Irish MEP Seán Kelly said people who break rules should be “dealt with”.
# fin
Hawaii's banning people from swimming with dolphins. Tour operators aren't happy
Federal regulators are concerned that human contact is stressing out the dolphins.
# washed up
Two dolphins die after becoming stranded off the coast of Mayo
Rescuers were able to save three of the animals and return them to the sea.
# only in russia
Russia wants to buy 5 dolphins for €22,000 and no, they don't want to disclose why
Meanwhile, Ukraine wants its dolphins back from them, saying the creatures didn’t have a choice in the referendum.
# Prime Numbers
How many people were deported or removed from Ireland last year? It's the week in numbers
Plus: How much money did Osama bin Laden leave in his will?
# strandings
Foreign supertrawlers blamed for 'dolphin carnage' off Irish coast
Marine enthusiasts say rising numbers of dolphins appear to be drowning after getting caught in fishing nets off the northwest coast.
# Take a Break
Watch: Stunning footage of a very close-up dolphin encounter off Malin Head
A Donegal photographer captured the amazing experience.
# so it's come to this
Global warming means polar bears are now eating dolphins for the first time ever
Desperate measures.
# Animal Cruelty
Japanese fishermen are going to keep on killing dolphins
Dolphins that are captured alive can fetch more than €7,000.
# play dooooh
Little girl's 'dolphin on wheels' clay creation looks awkwardly phallic
Tell us you see it too.
# quack
Pictures of genitalia replaced by ducklings and dolphins in Turkish schoolbooks
It has sparked more criticism of conservative values being imposed.
# xtra factor
Simon Cowell pulls dolphin scenes from this week's X Factor
Thousands of people signed an online petition.
# Malin Head
Move over Fungi! Dolphins filmed swimming off the Donegal coast
Faster than lightning…
# blasket islands
Wonderful underwater footage of a pod of dolphins off the Kerry coast
The group was spotted around the Blasket Islands.
# Pollution
Cut up your six pack rings warns IWDG after dolphin death in Cork
A piece of plastic debris wrapped around its beak preventing it from feeding.
# holey show
There's plenty of Humpbacks out there, but this year's Whale Watch day was a bit of a washout...
Around 1,500 people turned out all over Ireland’s coasts yesterday to squint through the mist and try and spot some elusive cetaceans.
# warm fuzzies
Touching video of dolphin being rescued off Achill Island
Could this be Fungi’s heir apparent?
# fin fun
Hero dolphins swim with a man to protect him from sharks
So long and thanks for all the fish.
# Flippin' Hell
Ukraine’s dolphin army has joined the Russian Navy
The combat dolphin unit is based in Crimea.
# majestic
Awe-inspiring footage of huge whale and dolphin 'stampede' off California
Also a newborn humpback whale snuggling with its mum.
# Japan
Annual Japanese dolphin hunt documented in 'The Cove' begins amid US criticism
The hunt in the fishing village of Taiji in western Japan has come under international criticism and was the subject of the Academy Award-winning film “The Cove”.
# taiji
Japanese fishermen capture dolphins ahead of slaughter
Activists have streamed live footage of the capture online.
# hook head
Your baby dolphin making the most of the Wexford winter sunshine pics of the day
The southeast coast is the place to be for whale and dolphin watchers at this time of year…
# pass the puffer
Reckless dolphin teens found to be deliberately getting high by chewing pufferfish
They’re just looking for a porpoise in life.
# fungi and friends
A Fungi to hang out with... Dingle dolphin and friends splash about in the bay
Party animals!