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# Don't Try This At Home

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7 'child-friendly' activities that are a total nightmare in reality
Baking with a four-year-old seems like a great idea until you’re cleaning cake mix off the ceiling, writes Ciara McDonnell.
# Don't Try This At Home
Three Irish doctors and a businessman are rowing across the Atlantic for charity
Three experienced rowers and one novice are taking their boat Saoirse across the Atlantic in a charity row.
# that has got to hurt
Aussie Rules game delayed after parachutist delivering match ball crash lands
He hit the ground at some speed.
# United States
Child (2) falls into cheetah pit 'after mother dangled him over enclosure'
The young boy escaped serious injury.
# Don't Try This At Home
Bobbing for apples, the silent danger this Halloween
“Attempting to bite the apple at force when dunking their head” can cause injuries to children according to eye doctors.
# why?
Here's what happens if you put an iPhone in a microwave
Why would anyone want to find out? It’s art, of course!
# Don't Try This At Home
VIDEO: People jump off restaurant rooftop into Liffey
This is seriously dangerous…
# Don't Try This At Home
VIDEO: Safari guide drunkenly charges at an elephant (and then gets fired)
Of all the things to do when you’re drunk, this ranks among the dumbest.
# Don't Try This At Home
Man tries Harlem Shake, falls into bonfire
Memes are dangerous, kids.
# Lefty
Phil Mickelson hit a trick shot over a guy standing 35 inches in front of him
Get in the hole!
# eeek
World's 'strongest child' does push-ups on glass bottles
Seriously – don’t even think about trying this at home.
# hot potato
WATCH: Chinese soldiers pass around a live grenade
Don’t try this one at home…
# Don't Try At Home
What would happen if you put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider?
Scientists attempt to answer the question that’s been keeping us all awake at night.