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This amazing 'double vision' Halloween makeup will melt your brain

Trippy as hell.
Sep 25th 2015, 7:50 AM 5,896 1

WE DON’T MEAN to alarm you, but it’s September 25. Halloween month is almost upon us. We know.

halloweendouble Source: YouTube

Makeup artist Tamang Phan created this extremely trippy ‘double vision’ look for the season that’s in it, and it’s making our heads hurt.

With her considerable skills, she draws on exact copies of her own eyes on her cheeks, paints on a tiny second nose, and creates another mouth on her chin.

doubleface Source: YouTube

The results are spooky, but in a totally original way. Imagine walking up to people on Halloween night wearing this? They’d have to go straight home.

Source: dope2111/YouTube

Phan found the perfect way to describe the look:

But if you like it for Halloween, you guys could be a walking migraine.

Yep. Ouch.

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