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Irish women are crying out for dresses with sleeves in 2016

Please, cover our oxters.
Jan 5th 2016, 1:46 PM 11,332 5


The great enemy of the Irish woman. The great ruiner of photographs and tormenter of wedding clothes shopping.

All many women want to be able to do is to buy a dress (or a top) with sleeves. Something to over a little coverage, or maybe a little warmth. Something to cover the oxters. Something that doesn’t end at the shoulder.

So many times we happen upon the dream dress, only to have it cruelly ripped from our grasp with a thick strap, or even worse, a cap sleeve. *recoils*

cap Source: asos via @lorrrrrrrrraine


Please retailers, hear our calls. Make the lovely dresses, but make them with sleeves. Or at least follow the example of Next and have an online besleeved section.

sleeve Source: Next

Signed, the Women of Ireland.

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