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13 things you'll know if you learned how to drink in an Irish field

Those were the days.
Jul 10th 2016, 8:15 PM 23,791 3

DRINKING IN A field is one an experience most Irish teens have under their belt.

1. If you learned how to drink in a field, you’ll recognise the excitement of approaching one of these

20120309_171631 Source: Wordpress

It meant that the park aka the field of dreams, was JUST ahead.

2. How quiet you had to be opening this

PastedImage-93907 Source: emilygenevievee

3. And how carefully you had to refill it with water

4. You’ll recognise the stress of trying to dress older to get served in the off license

5. And the joy of success

PastedImage-34591 Source: Ellie May Campbell

We beat the system!

- you

I know she’s 16 but I don’t give a shite.

- the underpaid offo staff.

6. These were your drinks of choice

PastedImage-82887 Source: Pinterest


offtrade37 Source: Shelflife


7.  You tried to disguse it in water bottles, and failed

Cj98AXpWYAAWzqa Source: imemmamurphy


8. There was one of these in every bag of cans

mickey-finn-the-original-liqueur-company-sour-irish-green-apple-500ml-mybottleshop-1 Source: Mybottleshop

9. The lads would drink this, whether they liked it or not

beer_215179 Source: Cloudinary

* Gag*

10. You sometimes ventured to children’s playgrounds, graveyeards, and under bridges

You were a benefit to society, really.

11. But you’d tell your mam you were going to the cinema or staying over at a friends

12. You actually did a whole load of nothing

Except maybe sit around pretending not to gag on wee cider and avoiding the question of who to shift.

200 Source: Giphy

13. SKETCH is a word that still haunts you to this day



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