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# Driving Licence

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# Asylum Seekers
Asylum seekers can now apply for a driving licence in Ireland
It follows a High Court ruling that asylum seekers in Ireland meet the residency requirements to apply for a licence.
# High Court
New law and 'admin solutions' needed before asylum seekers can get driving licences, dept says
Some legal experts have said that new legislation is not required, rather a different interpretation of the current law.
# pandemic
Ten months added to expiry date on driving licences
The extension will apply to driving licences expiring from 1 July to 31 October 2021.
# Brexit
Agreement signed to allow continued exchange of UK driving licence for people living in Ireland
After 11pm, UK licences used by those living in Ireland will no longer be valid.
# social distancing
Over 70s will no longer need a medical report - in certain circumstances - when applying for a driving licence
Minister Shane Ross said it comes amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the need for social distancing.
# preparations
Driving licence applications nearly treble in a month as Road Safety Authority steps up Brexit warnings
The RSA has been warning UK driving licence-holders to exchange them for Irish licences before Brexit.
# Exclusive
'Misleading' to claim having PSC makes applying for driver's licence easier, Data Protection Commissioner says
The National Driver’s Licence Service says that having a PSC “simplifies” the process of application.
# Car Crash
Prince Philip voluntarily gives up driving licence
The Duke of Edinburgh (97) was involved in a car crash in January.
# Driving
New regulations to make it easier for returning emigrants to get an Irish driving licence
People with non-exchangable full licences will now be able to take the driving test after six rather than 12 EDT lessons.
# Arrests
Saudi Arabia finally lifts ban on women driving
Despite the end of the ban, several activists have been arrested recently.
# one by one
It's official - the PSC will be pulled as a mandatory requirement for your driver theory test
The news is not unexpected given the RSA has pulled back on requiring a Public Services Card in order to apply for a driving licence.
# Santry
Security called after people refuse to leave Dublin driving licence centre without getting an appointment
People had queued for up to two hours to try to secure an appointment to apply for a driving licence before the centre closed.
# Off the Road
Asylum seekers in Ireland can finally work, but it doesn't look like they're allowed drive to that work
There is a lack of clarity as to whether or not asylum seekers in Ireland are legally allowed to obtain a driving licence.
Opinion: Why is the Irish driving test so hard and so expensive?
The driving test is not really a test of your ability to drive safely; it’s a test of your ability to drive flawlessly for one session, writes Barry Dunning.
Micheal Healy Rae: 'The government should leave our young drivers alone'
I think it would be more in the government’s line to catch criminals who are breaking into elderly people’s homes and jail them, writes Michael Healy Rae.
# Data Protection
Applying for a passport or driving licence? You'll soon need a Public Services Card to do so
The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform confirmed that the card will be needed to apply for a passport from autumn of this year.
# grow the mo
Here's why you shouldn't lose your driving licence during Movember...
This Irish guy learned the hard way.
# crash bang wallop
Van rolls down hill... and into a driving licence office
Thankfully, no one was badly injured in the incident.
# Driving in Canada
Moving to Ontario? You'll be able to swap your Irish driver's licence for a local one
New mutual exchange agreement reached for Irish people living and working in Ontario, and Ontarians living and working in Ireland.
# eco-friendly
You may be judged on your fuel efficiency in a new driving test
The RSA wants your view but it has some of its own ideas.
# Have your say
How should the driving test be changed?
The Road Safety Authority wants your input.
# War On Drugs
Fireworks, mobile phones and three types of drugs seized in Dublin
Gardaí said the house they searched was unoccupied at the time and no arrests were made.
# Traffic Jam
Driving licence centre closed - because it was too busy
The Road Safety Authority says that you should book in advance.
# Driving Licence
Breach on new driving licence website affects 721 people
The ‘Contact Us’ form on the new website was not refreshing as quickly as it should have and so details of users remained when the next users went to fill it in.
# Driving Licence
National Driver Licence Service is back up and running today
Extra staff has been brought in to ensure things run smoothly in the centres today.
# Vroom vroom
Applying for a driving licence? New rules come into force today
A new plastic credit card-style licence will replace the pink paper licence.
# actual fail
Alan Hughes fails his driving test on camera
He had to retake it for Ireland AM. It didn’t go too well.
# biting point
The 11 stages of getting your driving licence
Can’t talk, I’m reversing round a corner.
# Penalty Points
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan to 'tell all' about wiping of penalty points from his licence
Flanagan said gardaí contacted him offering to remove the points from his record.
# Driving Licence
Photo professionals to meet with RSA over new driving licence
Photo ID Professionals had said in November that the new licence system could cost jobs, while pharmacists said it would also impact on them.
# Driving Licence
Pharmacists claim new driving licence system will have 'devastating' effect
Pharmacists say the new credit card-style driving licence system will remove the need to get photos taken at a shop.
# Penalty Points
IT work needed before foreign drivers can accrue penalty points
Leo Varadkar says that while a new law allows drivers without Irish licences to get points, the IT isn’t in place to implement it.
# Driving
Parking fines to be halved for those who pay promptly?
Compulsory driving lessons for secondary students and reminders for drivers about NCT renewal dates are also among the proposals from an Oireachtas committee.
# Pastafarianism
Austrian man wins three-year battle to wear pasta strainer on driving licence photo
Niko Alm wanted to wear the upturned pasta strainer because he worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
# Road Safety
New road safety laws to include lower drink-drive limit for learners
The laws will also include a new restricted licence, and putting the Road Safety Authority in charge of the driving licence system.
# Learner Drivers
New scheme for learner drivers comes into effect today
The Essential Driving Training scheme is being rolled out from today – meaning learner drivers will be required to complete 12 hours of lessons with an approved driving instructor before sitting their test.
# Driving
Instructors slam new rules for mandatory driving lessons
New rules will require drivers to have at least 12 hours of lessons before applying for a learner permit – costing around €400.