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16 of the stupidest things people have actually bought while drunk-shopping online

Don’t drink and shop, kids.
Jan 1st 2016, 9:30 PM 13,470 3

1. A family tub of communion wafers

2. A ferret racetrack

3. Five future butterflies

4. This beautiful mug, featuring Nigel Farage’s beautiful mug

5. The unexpected benefit of learning just how much of an Ashley Tisdale fan you really are


7. This large, furry housemate

8. A handy spade

9. Dogceratops, straight outta Jurassic Bark

10. This badge

11. A life-size cardboard reminder of Chris Farley

12. Cavalry officer Major Bushy McNuts

13. ???

14. Two (2) industrial-scale rolls of bubble wrap

15. Rusty Kuntz

16. And a breathalyser.

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