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14 signs that Dublin needs to cop the f**k on

Stop it now, Dublin.
May 18th 2016, 1:29 PM 20,682 10

A FEW DAYS ago, it was revealed that Dublin ranks among the most expensive cities to live in Europe.

Of course this won’t come as a surprise to anyone that lives here…

1. Dublin: the city where people are charged nearly €3 for a bottle of water

Sure doesn’t it fall from the sky, etc.

2. And where protein bars are a frankly extortionate price


3. A city where restaurants have the gall to charge €8 for a bowl of porridge

Your mother would be appalled.

download Source: Wanderlust

4. And fancy hotels think €35 is reasonable for an Irish breakfast

€40 if you count the room service charge.

irishbreak Source: Merrion Hotel

5. Dublin: where €775,000 will get you a three-bed semi-detached house

house Source:

While you can get a private cottage overlooking an enormous lake for less in Co. Cork

cork Source:

6. Dublin: where you can expect to pay €800 for the privilege of sharing a house with strangers

7. After you’ve paid nearly a fiver for a tiny chicken fillet


8. And €10.60 for a glass of white wine


CR2GxKcWUAA2yvW Source: Neil Fullerton/Twitter

9. Where a queue to get into Jo Malone to be expected

Tweet by @Suzanne Sheridan Source: Suzanne Sheridan/Twitter

10. And you can expect to pay four quid for what is essentially stock


11. Nothing says ‘Celtic Tiger’ like ‘delivery doggy treat’

Tweet by @Camile Thai Source: Camile Thai/Twitter

12. Or a €12 box of cereal

13. And can we talk about the cocktails?

Lads, take it down a notch.

Tweet by @Fifi Hyde Source: Fifi Hyde/Twitter

14. The most notions-y thing of all, though? ATMs refusing to give out smaller denominations

Jesus wept.

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