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12 signs Dublin is really and truly losing the run of itself

Fizzy crisps anyone? Killer fades?
Sep 29th 2015, 1:20 PM 14,815 6

WE’RE NOT AT cereal café levels yet, but we’re not far off…

1. Whatever happened to a short back and sides?

Dublin's hipster-hair game is on point. Source: cmooreverdad

Spotted at the Green Rooster barbershop on Fleet Street.

2. New and hip restaurants coming out our ears

Like Porndog with its pricy gourmet hotdogs and €20 Dog’s Bollocks cocktail, which comes in a hip flask in a cigar box.

hot Source: Amy O'Connor/

3. And The Chelsea Drugstore


Coming soon to a George’s Street near you, it promises to be “fashionable without being a slave to it, arty without being pretentious and classical without being dated”.

Yeah yeah, can we wear runners or what?

4. And not forgetting:

newyork Source:

What is a New York-Italian-Irish restaurant? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

5. Juggle-walking spotted from the Luas


juggler Source: @clydecarroll

6. Fizzy crisps

Apparently they “taste like jam and look like they were found under a table at a 21st”.

7. Someone at Lovin Dublin took agin the 3-in-1


wrong Source:

8. This lunch cost €21

duck Source: @phaedria

9. And this breakfast cost €16. COLD breakfast

Not even a hot sausage in your hand :(

10. And don’t even mention the wine

10 Source: @neilredfm

Nigh on €11 for a glass. It would CHOKE us.

11. Nissan Micra trade-in anyone?

mas Source:

12. Bedroom near the kitchen? No problem!

kitchen Source: via

A mere €650 on Leinster Road a few months back.

Is this man Ireland’s soundest taxi driver?

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