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These 'Speak Dublin-ese' beermats in Disneyland will leave you slightly mortified

“Yeh me mot brung the sprogs to de hurdy-gurdys.”

LAST NIGHT, 98FM posted this very distressing and slightly mortifying photo of a beermat purporting to feature “Dublin-ese” phrases.

A quick bit of research has revealed that the bar responsible for this monstrosity is an Irish pub called Raglan Road in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney in Florida.

Here are some other examples that will have you shaking your head.

dublinese1 Source: shleeboyle/Instagram

Walk into the club like, “SUM GAFF, WHA?”

dublinese2 Source: melikekos/Instagram

Nobody has ever said that. Ever, ever.

dublinese3 Source: kennykhronicles/Instagram

As we’ve all been known to say as we sip our pints! Not.

dublinese4 Source: mrsbottomley/Instagram

Make it stop.

dublinese5 Source: claramurray/Instagram


BRB, eating a ‘norange’ and cringing forever.

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