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'Potential fraud' in poultry farm planning applications investigated in the North
Second case of bird flu found in Ireland
390,000 ducks and hens in northern Europe culled over bird flu fears
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Appeal for information after three ducks stolen from nursing home
The post-election poster debacle has already begun
Bray has some very unusual local election candidates
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This kitten and duckling taking a nap together are you this morning
Cricket team bowled out for princely sum of 3
Cork's ducks are talking, according to this hilarious duckumentary
Love/Hate blamed for decapitated ducks
9-year-old boy dies from bird flu in Cambodia
FF candidate insists he didn't intend to be 'racist' towards Chinese community
Tournament: Which animal is the most bad-ass?
Hero police officers save a family of ducks
Orphaned ducks drink milk from a cat in Co. Offaly
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