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10 pictures that will transport you back to the early noughties

Some of these things were, in fact, cool back then.
Oct 6th 2013, 1:00 PM 36,650 51

THE EARLY NOUGHTIES were a very interesting time.

We were rich, for one thing, and spent a lot of time enjoying our new-found wealth.

When we weren’t having fun with our new mobile phones (they can take PICTURES) and listening to the latest Britney Spears offering, we were setting up Bebo pages and chatting with friends on MSN.

Here are some pictures that will take you right back to those days.

This picture of Britney Spears holding a toy robot dog

britneyrobot Source: Jill Greenberg/

These display pictures you probably used when talking to your friends on MSN

msnicons Source: Tumblr

These ladies sporting the height of early ’00s fashion

ladymarmalade Source: Tumblr

But you were more likely to be sporting the items of clothing in this photo:

juicy couture Source: Richmond Classics

This picture of Bertie Ahern having a chat with George W. Bush in 2001

BERTIE AHERN WASHINGTON VISIT 2001 Source: Photocall Ireland

These two lovebirds


This photo of the original frenemies, in better times

nicole-richie-paris-hilton-simple-life-1 Source: Wordpress

These photos of the phone you had, and the phone you wanted

phone Source: PC Mag

This photo of Eminem performing with a load of lads dressed like Eminem

eminemslim Source: Tqn

And this picture of a guy switching from the punt to the Euro


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