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Nasa makes contact with spacecraft 19 billion kilometres away after wrong command tilted it from Earth
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Cork Airport has renamed its main runway - to keep up with Earth's magnetic poles
Largest asteroid in over a century flies by Earth
Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth tomorrow
Fossils point to life on Earth four billion years ago
Not even the deepest, darkest parts of the planet have escaped human pollution
Days on Earth are getting longer (very, very slowly)
Scientists have found a new planet that bears an uncanny resemblance to Earth
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We’re playing God with the lives of the poorest people on Earth
Donal O'Keeffe
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Look up - a bunch of astronauts are about to float over Ireland
There will be six astronauts flying over our heads tonight, so look up
An asteroid the size of a mountain is passing us by right now
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These women were meant to be the first astronauts - but were left on Earth
This guy gets to film polar bears for a living (and one tried to attack him)
A huge comet that's as solid as a pile of talcum powder just buzzed by Mars
Asteroid hunting probe to travel four years to potato-shaped space rock
Patents and skyscrapers...what makes these 18 cities the most innovative places on Earth
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity breaks off-world driving record
Turns out Earth survived near-miss from a solar storm back in 2012
Ancient Earth-sized 'diamond' discovered in space
So we all know today is the longest day of the year. But exactly how long?
Opinion: We have found Earth's Cousin outside our solar system ... but what does that mean?
Conor Farrell
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ESA set to launch new earth monitoring satellite into orbit later today
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Conor Farrell
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