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# Eating

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# saussies
14 reasons why Superquinn sausages are the best in the world
# because i got high
We tried this Dublin donut shop's brand new 'weed' donut
# In bits
An 'Irish Hangover Service' has been set up in Toronto serving delicious grub
Full-Irish, chicken fillet rolls and more.
# only in waterford
The first ever World Blaa Eating Champion was crowned in Waterford today
Her prize? A crystal blaa.
# hostess with the mostess
A British student has praised Irish hospitality after this nice gesture from a Ballymun café
# rollóg bhricfeasta
11 photos that explain the glory of the breakfast roll to the rest of the world
You’re missing out.
# No Chance
A pub in Bray has introduced a frankly outrageous burger challenge
Good luck with that.
# deli crimes
The 10 most upsetting things about getting a sandwich at the deli counter
# durty doughnut thursday
This Stoneybatter café's nostalgic doughnuts sell out every week - here's how they do it
Mikado doughnut, anyone?
# smokeshow
Smokey Bacon is the best crisp flavour and the world needs to know about it
They’re missing out.
# vegan chipper
This Camden Street chipper has just launched a menu especially for vegans
Because vegans get hungry too.
# caramel spread
People are losing it over these delicious looking Caramel and Crunchie spreads
# dough bros
This beloved Galway pizza pop-up is opening its new restaurant this Friday
Viva Dough Bros!
# hoagies
Two brand new retro-looking restaurants have opened in Smithfield, and they look unreal
Anyone for hoagies?
# just eat
10 tweets that accurately sum up your Just Eat addiction
Why am I so poor? Oh yeah, because I spent €40 on Just Eat.
# all the bhoys to the yard
Iceberger milkshakes are now a very real thing at this Dublin pub
Lob a full Iceberger on there, be grand.
# biscuit or cake
11 photos that will make all Jaffa Cake lovers drool
So many creations.
# handrolled ice cream
A dessert stall in Dublin is doing amazing things with ice cream
Thai style.
# dough bros
Galway is devastated that their beloved pizza pop-up Dough Bro's is moving
Here’s where they’re heading.
# aisle be there
This frankly stunning pick 'n' mix cereal station is now in Blanch shopping centre
Like a mini cereal cafe.
# irish salad
9 photos that will explain the glory of curry cheese chips to the rest of the world
Droolworthy stuff.
# get a damn mug
9 people who are using tea all wrong
We can’t look.
# no no no no
Can you actually make it all the way through these Irish food fails?
Oh, the humanity.
# cherry on top
8 facts of life for people who CAN'T STAND the taste of cherry
Nope. No thank you.
# our waaaaaay
13 snacks Ireland just does better than the States
You can’t beat our sausages.
# Glorious
A college in the US has just installed a pizza ATM that's always open
Irish colleges, you know what to do.
# hummusexual
12 upsetting photos for people with feelings about hummus
Get it away from me.
# this is how we do it
10 Irish food habits the world needs to know about
Let us teach them our ways.
# Red Lemonade
Here's why red lemonade is the Irish fizzy drink worth travelling for
Back off, it’s ours.
# revelation
Viennetta on a stick is a real ice cream and it needs to come to Ireland
This just got portable.
# edges please
This cafe has come up with a genius way to sell their brownies
Simply genius.
# barbecue weather
10 photos and tweets that sum up the stark reality of an Irish barbecue
Burgers? Check. Sausages? Check. Umbrellas? Check.
# garlic chip
10 pictures of takeaway food in Galway that will make you drool
# currying favour
10 photos that explain the beauty of the 3-in-1 to the outside world
Take it away.
# sweet republic
Dublin's most decadent sweet café is setting up shop in Galway
# fruit flies
8 emotions fruit flies bring out in every Irish person
It’s that time of year again.
# dessert
A café in Dublin has created the Romantica donut and it looks delicious
Pure, beautiful filth.
# crimes against food
12 food crimes that should be punishable by law
Book ‘em, Danno.
# Repeal
Aungier Danger are selling donuts with Maser's 'Repeal' design on them today
# hot damn
This new bar in Dublin is selling absolutely mouthwatering hot dogs (in blaa-guettes!)
It’s all we’ve been waiting for.