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# Investigation
Former eBay employees charged after allegedly sending spiders and cockroaches to US couple
The campaign was allegedly over a newsletter they published which was critical of the company.
# depop for dummies
A chancer's guide to Depop
Flog it!
# money spinner
Cuban doper told to return Olympic medal but it looks like it's been sold on eBay
Yarelys Barrios won silver in Beijing but has tested positive for a banned substance following a retroactive drug test.
# lost jobs
"Crying, frustration, devastation" - eBay staff react to announcement of Dundalk closure
It’s anticipated that eBay is to close its operations in its Dundalk facility in the second quarter of 2017.
# Jobs
eBay to close Dundalk operation next year
The decision is being made as PayPal wants to expand its business next year and has asked eBay to leave the facility.
# cash in the axis
One of Adolf Hitler's message machines was found in a shed in England
The Lorenz machine sold on eBay for £10.
# the best policy
This car owner is advertising their dodgy old Fiat in a brilliantly honest way
“This car has genuinely ruined my life.”
# Click
16 of the stupidest things people have actually bought while drunk-shopping online
Don’t drink and shop, kids.
# With The Fishes
This woman ordered a table from eBay, but got 40 bags of fish instead
Come for the fish, stay for the contagious laughter.
# Show Me The Money
These 11 companies control almost everything you buy
A small number of organisations have a whole lot of control – and revenue.
# killing it
An eBay seller uses his 94-year-old aunt to model his items and she kills it
# Passport Control
Paul Parker's old passport was on sale on ebay for £5000
Because who doesn’t have five grand to spare for an out of date passport.
# knock off nightmares
8 online shopping disasters that could easily have happened to you
eBay is not your friend :(
# Ah Yeezus
Somebody is actually selling 'air' from a Kanye gig and the bids are skyrocketing
Wait, is somebody going to pay over $10,000 for a bag of air? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# mcloie2015
No luck on Valentine's Day? This Cork lad is auctioning himself off as a 'dream date'
Get him while you can.
# Really?
Thinking of putting your home on Ebay? You might want to read this first
While there are houses for sale on the auctions website, the process isn’t quite easy.
# globally
Fears for Irish jobs as eBay announces plans to cut 2,400 positions
The jobs cuts set to be cut in the coming months.
# some balls
Dad of the year turns his entire house into a ballpit and it's AMAZING
Call this a prank? This is the dream.
# Sold Out
Charlie Hebdo issue offered on eBay for thousands of euros
It has announced that any sales commissions will be handed over.
# flog it
Enterprising people are selling The Interview posters for hundreds of dollars online
And people are buying them.
# welcome to the dollhouse
This is why you should always read the eBay item description very carefully
Don’t get stung. Like this guy.
# i will in me hoop
You'll never guess how much the 'world's longest Hula Hoop' sold for
More than your average bag of Hula Hoops, anyway.
# oh brother
Brother of the year* puts his sister up for sale on eBay for £50
*Worst brother ever. He even listed her as ‘used’. Brat.
# romantic getaway
Dumped guy auctions ex-girlfriend's romantic holiday place on eBay
The ad went viral – and the bids went CRAZY.
# Bling Bling
LOOK at this crystal-encrusted Mercedes a Russian millionaire put up on eBay
If you buy it, the money from the sale will all go to charity. That’s nice.
# splash the cash
An alleged iPhone 6 prototype is currently selling for €48,800 on eBay
The prototype, which runs Apple’s diagnostic mode, was accidentally sent to a customer by US mobile phone network Verizon, and has been put up for sale on eBay.
# splitsville
eBay and PayPal are consciously uncoupling
The online marketplace and payments giant are better apart say their shareholder.
# fruit of the loom
A dress made of loom bands has sold for more than €215,000
B-looming mental.
# the the
Someone is selling off the word 'The' on eBay
A landmark in internet auction history.
# Cyberattack
Have an eBay account? You need to change your password right now
The compromised database contained encrypted eBay passwords and other non-financial information.
# Under the Hammer
Going, going, gone: Criminal Assets Bureau sells Rolex on eBay for €8,200
The last watch the CAB sold on the auction website went for €7,000.
# Cause I'm Flappy
Someone's willing to pay almost $100k for a phone with Flappy Bird on it
They must be flappy.
# prices in high places
Garth Brooks tickets going for as much as €300 online
Oh dear.
# shoot her!
You could own the original velociraptor cage from Jurassic Park
But are you willing to pay almost $100,000 for it?
# scammed
Man pays €540 on eBay for a photo of an XBox One
That’s one expensive photo.
# Shopping
Today will be the busiest online mobile shopping day of 2013
A new survey revealed 22 per cent of Irish people are shopping from a mobile or smartphone for Christmas this year.
# One careful owner
Not one person has bid on Sarah Palin's used car on eBay
Not one. Morto.
# Crimewatch
The Criminal Assets Bureau has a really good rating on eBay
The agency sold a Rolex watch – that once belonged to a Limerick criminal – on the website last month.
# Apology
eBay: We're sorry we allowed Holocaust memorabilia to be listed on our website
The world’s biggest online marketplace has removed the listings from its website and will donate nearly €30,000 to charity.