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So it begins: Emma Watson shared her first photo with Saoirse Ronan from the set of Little Women
This is a friendship you’re going to want to follow in 2019.
'The deepest respect': Emma Watson pays tribute to Savita Halappanavar
She paid tribute to her in a letter published in Porter magazine.
Emma Watson knows she needs help proofreading tattoos, and isn't afraid to ask
‘Fake tattoo proofreading position available.’
Emma Watson showcased her 'Time's Up' tattoo... and it's missing an apostrophe
Well, this is awkward.
Actress Emma Watson donates £1 million to kickstart new anti-sexual harassment campaign
The fund was announced in an open letter supporting the Time’s Up movement, signed by 200 women.
Emma Watson has asked for the public's help in finding her mam's old ring
Start praying to St. Anthony
People are loving this new footage of Emma Watson and a ridiculous pre-CGI Beast
Poll: Should acting awards scrap 'male' and 'female' categories?
There have been previous suggestions to combine the Oscars’ male and female categories into one.
Emma Watson accepted the first gender neutral MTV Award and delivered a powerful speech
“It says something about how we perceive the human experience.”
The lovely story of Emma Watson surprising a girl on Facetime just because her mam asked
HeForShe: Emma Watson's empty promise that when women's problems are solved, men will be free too
Emma Watson made an empty promise to young men that if only they do as men have always been expected to do—sacrifice and serve—they will eventually be liberated, writes Karen Straughan.
Emma Watson is the latest victim of hackers after her private photos were leaked online
Hundreds of personal photos of female celebrities were posted online last night.
Emma Watson has this to say to people giving out about her 'unfeminist' photoshoot
“I really don’t know what my t*ts have to do with feminism.”
This journalist's response to a photo of Emma Watson is why the world needs feminism
*shakes head*
Emma Watson had a powerful message of support for this gay rugby player
Keegan Hirst spoke frankly about coming out to his teammates at the weekend.
Emma Watson had a powerful message of support for this gay rugby player
Watson reached out to Hirst this evening and now it’s going viral.
Here's why these 13 celebs deserve to be on Time's 100 influential people list
Give us a lend.
7 reasons why Emma Watson is just the best
Happy birthday, girl.
Emma Watson just destroyed those Prince Harry rumours with the perfect subtweet
Emma Watson and Prince Harry might be going out, and the internet is going crazy for it
“This is the best thing that has EVER HAPPENED TO ME IN MY LIFE.”
Emma Watson is doling out some solid advice to young feminists on Twitter
“Become an engineer”.
Emma Watson: 'The world is held back because women aren't equal'
The actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador gave another powerful speech at the World Economic Forum this morning.
Is Eva Longoria heading to the Phoenix Park to eat a bacon sandwich?
It’s The Dredge
Fake nude videos of Emma Watson are being used to spread a computer virus
The malware scam begins with links on Facebook.
Everyone is sharing this 15-year-old boy's letter about Emma Watson's UN speech
“If we want equality, it will take more effort than paying women the same as men.”
Emma Watson nude photo threat was a 'marketing ploy' to shut down 4chan
An organisation called Rantic Marketing attempted to frame 4chan for the threats.
Trolls threaten to leak Emma Watson's nude photos after feminism speech
Users of the website 4chan claim they will leak the photos in retaliation to Watson’s speech in the UN over the weekend.
Emma Watson gave a powerful speech about men and feminism, and you need to see it
Wondering why feminism is an issue for men too? Here’s the answer.
Emma Watson joins laughing protest against Turkish Deputy Prime Minister
Actress uploaded photo of herself LOLling.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may not be in Cork after all... it's the Dredge
Emma Watson's surprise interview with a superfan reporter gets seriously awkward
Maybe you should ask her on a date, AGAIN.
Carl from The Walking Dead's 31-year-old female stunt double
The Dredge: Who got Niall Horan overexcited in LA?
All the best of today’s celebrity filth.
Departures Lounge: Emma Watson unimpressed with latest Ronaldo-to-United rumour
Also, the Gareth Bale saga may finally be about to end.
WATCH: The full trailer for The Bling Ring
Don’t know much about The Bling Ring? We’ve got the rundown too.
Emma Watson film The Bling Ring books Cannes spot
Sofia Coppola’s movie tells the true story of a group of kids from a rich neighbourhood in LA that burgled the Hollywood homes of wealthy celebrities for almost a year before being caught.
Tweet Sweeper: Dara O’Briain’s overdue library book
Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.
Tweet Sweeper: Ronan Keating's rock and roll moment
Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.
Tweet Sweeper: Ronan Keating makes the tough decisions
He doesn’t mess around. Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.
Tweet Sweeper: Keith Barry really wants to eat some yoghurt
We don’t think he should. Our pick of the week’s tweets from famous people.