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11 emoji accessories you need in your life immediately

Be one with the emojis.
Jul 17th 2015, 11:49 AM 3,332 0

IT’S WORLD EMOJI day and to be honest, it could not be a more sacred day.

1. Get to Penneys, get an emoji on your tshirt

Or indeed, shorts.

11061957_803394723108692_5541641189056712887_n Source: penneystoprada

2. Emoji socks

Oh, you’ve got some sh*t on your sock there.


3. Put emojis on your face

Emoji facemasks are the only way to wear emotions on your face.

slideshow_3 Source: Shopify

4. Emoji nail decals

il_570xN.635707247_dd2i Source: Etsy

5. Emoji badges

Literally wear those emotions on those sleeves.

il_570xN.625441205_n4it Source: Etsy

6. Lovely eyes cushion

To lay your lovely eyes on.

il_570xN.780608965_9ra5 Source: Etsy

7. Creepy moon necklaces

One for you, one for your best pal.

il_570xN.627804887_6dk4 Source: Etsy

8. This greeting card

Say it with emoji.

il_570xN.765255992_2k4v Source: Etsy

9. Pizza earrings

il_570xN.766774418_fy1j Source: Etsy

10. Stick these tattoos anywhere

il_570xN.734259355_hoja Source: Etsy

11. Light up with this sassy gal lighter

il_570xN.774618386_nbxa Source: Etsy

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