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Last month
January 2023
Analysis: The gender pay gap tells us less about wages and more about company power structures
Economist and lecturer Dr Aedín Doris looks at the recent publications of gender pay figures and what it means for equality in the workplace.
Last year
Bereavement leave could be paid out of the Social Insurance Fund in the future
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar also said he’d like his remote working law to be enacted by Christmas.
Tánaiste says the Social Insurance Fund could support those taking bereavement leave in the future.
Such a move would prevent a cost being imposed on employers but would ensure employees don't lose out on pay.
Varadkar also says he wants the right to request remote working legislation to be passed by Christmas.
'I don't say it lightly': Housing crisis is a breach in the social contract, says Tánaiste
Low Pay Commission recommendation for minimum wage increase to go to Cabinet in September
# Retiring
Lidl to remove mandatory retirement age of 65 for its employees
The company said this will allow it to “attract more mature and life-experienced talent”.
# st brigid's day
New public holiday could cost Exchequer between €220m and €300m, says Varadkar
The first St. Brigid’s day public holiday will be Monday 6th February 2023.
# Sick Pay
New sick pay law to guarantee all workers three days paid sick leave once commenced
This is the first time Ireland has had a statutory sick pay scheme.
# Cost of Living
Survey places Dublin among most expensive cities for international workers
Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living Survey launched ranked Hong Kong as the most expensive city for expatriates.
Opinion: Out-of-pocket expenses for workers are way too high in Ireland
A worker in Ireland earning a very modest wage must pay market prices for essential services, writes Dr Laura Bambrick.
All time
# right to disconnect
New law will give employees the right to request remote working
This year a legally admissible code of practice on the right to disconnect from work – covering phone calls, emails and switch-off time – will be introduced.
Opinion: Covid-19 vaccine rollout may present future challenges for employers
As vaccinations continue, employers need to consider the rights of employees when looking at the health of their teams and any return to the workplace writes Jason O’Sullivan.
Opinion: Remote working is here to stay, so let's approach it properly and get the balance right
Arlene Vithaldas, head of the UCC Academy says it’s time to unwind our old-world view of a workplace that includes a long commute to expensive offices.
# Wages
'Anomalies have arisen': Donohoe admits 'gap' in wage subsidy scheme for low paid workers
Sinn Féin says workers are being penalised in some cases.
# HR
Confusion over pay entitlements among both employers and employees if staff present with Covid-19
Businesses are being encouraged to develop contingency plans if a number of people from their workplace fall sick in the coming days and weeks.
# Working Conditions
Channel 4 launches new policy to support workers experiencing menopause
New flexible working arrangements and menopause awareness briefings for management are to be introduced.
# Paternity Leave
More than 51,000 fathers have taken paternity leave since September 2016
51,409 fathers have been awarded leave since the scheme began.
# Workplace Relations
Employee awarded €8,000 after colleague linked homosexuality to child abuse
The harassment occurred over a six-month period.
# shut up shop
Government to block proposals to close all places of work during Status Red weather alerts
During Storm Ophelia last year, there was confusion as to whether all businesses should close, and if people should go to work or remain at home.
# Your Say
Poll: Should businesses have to close for the duration of red weather alerts?
It’s been a confusing few days for employees.
# Building
Claims about bogus self-employment in construction 'grossly exaggerated'
The construction industry’s representative body did acknowledge a reluctance in contractors to directly employ workers and said the government needs to make this more attractive.
# instability
'This should not be tolerated': ICTU says more of us are working precariously in Ireland
Last year, 7% of the Republic of Ireland workforce was working in temporary unemployment.
# future of work
The future of work: How these Irish workplaces are ending the era of the boss
We spoke to the forward-looking companies breaking down traditional hierarchies.
# Newborns
More than 27,000 fathers have taken paternity leave so far
“We have to take a wider societal view and not think of rearing children as something best done in one’s spare time, preferably by women,” Deirdre Clune said.
# Research
One in four Irish employers experienced a workplace dispute last year
Disciplinary issues account for the single greatest cause of disputes at 37%.
# zero hours contract
McDonald's staff hold first-ever UK strike over pay and working conditions
Around 40 workers gathered outside two restaurants, before attending a protest outside parliament.
# Planning ahead
UK to release its key Brexit policy papers 'in a few weeks'
Meanwhile, just 3% of Irish exporters have a Brexit plan in place, according to a new survey.
# Living wage
One in 10 Irish workers are earning the minimum wage or less
A release from the CSO suggests that just over 10% of Irish workers are earning €9.25 an hour or less.
# under the clock
Clerys workers heckle and criticise director of property firm at High Court
The High Court today heard about a pack containing employee’s details that led to the inspection of D2 Private Ltd.
# uncovered
Irish firms may be forced to reveal pay gaps between male and female employees
It’s part of a commitment in the programme for government to fight wage inequality.
# summing up
Luas workers set to enter two days of meetings at Liberty Hall with union bosses
Employees will be briefed on the state of talks with company Transdev.
Do you really need your bosses to prove how much they love you?
There’s a problem with work relationships. We nurture them and expect them to be like our personal ones. But they’re not and can never be, writes Karen Frampton.
# Job Losses
Xtra-vision to close 28 stores after Christmas
It’s understood that the decline in DVD rental is causing the closures.
# pulling the plug
Another Irish Water row: Workers may go on strike over job cuts
Workers are concerned about the planned reduction of frontline staff numbers.
# serious change
Workers set to be paid for travel to and from work after major ruling
This will impact on employees without a fixed place of work.
# like
Here's how much you could earn working for Facebook
The social networking behemoth isn’t too shabby a place to ply your trade.
# slammed
Amazon's boss hits back at claims it's a 'soulless, dystopian workplace'
A report claimed that Amazon’s employees are pushed hard and work long hours so they wouldn’t be seen as a “major weakness”.
# working lunch
Should Irish bosses be doing more to keep workers healthy?
New research has also found that only a quarter of employees get away from their desks during lunch time.
# internal affairs
Do you hang out with co-workers outside work? Irish people do it much more than most
They’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile though
# immoral activity
From 1997 to 2015: Comparing a pre-Celtic Tiger liquidation to recession company busts
The sale of Clerys with the loss of almost 500 jobs last week serves as an uncomfortable reminder of just how vulnerable workers are when a company ceases to exist.
# locked out
'Treat them with the respect they deserve': Siptu to hold rally in support of Clerys workers
Government ministers say they will do everything in their power to support the 460 former employees of the store.
# Nice Try
Dunnes Stores agrees to pay rise but workers say that's not good enough
The big sticking point is the fact that three quarters of staff are on part-time flexible contracts.
# Out in the Cold
Students protest after 16 English language colleges close in just one year
The latest one is in Galway.