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12 people who understand the weirdness of all your friends getting engaged

The holiday season was an avalanche of ring pics.
Jan 10th 2015, 6:00 PM 43,272 21

LITERALLY EVERYONE IN a relationship in Ireland got engaged this festive season.

What’s more, is that they put it all over social media, and your Facebook feed basically looks like a wedding pinterest board at this stage.

So you didn’t get engaged, but think about all the benefits you DO HAVE.

You don’t have to worry about making your hand look good for photos

Because really, who has the time.

Engaged! at Perito Moreno Glacier Source: Liam Quinn

You don’t have to navigate that strategic grab that shows just how in love you are, while adequately showing off the ring

just engaged Source: jencu

You also don’t have to face being paraded around with some obvious signs for a cute photo opp

Just engaged Source: quinn.anya

But still, engagement season happened, and there were many victims.

These guys know how you feel.

1. This career man who knows what he wants out of life

nV82DJD Source: Imgur

2. This dad taking a selfie during one of the biggest moments in his daughter’s life

0aVFp2u Source: Imgur

3. These guys, who are just about DONE with your pressure

liNpByM Source: Imgur

4. This sister, who basically got the better deal

2014-12-30-Laurenandsisters-thumb Source: Mark Finkelstein via Huffingtonpost

5. Food > loving commitment

6. The girl who’s got her relationship status just as she wants it

7. The guy who saved his artistic efforts for something meaningful

B6jpMdpIUAEMEn- Source: kashoobs

8. This girl who knows a spectacular ring when she sees one

B4AcWztCcAAROS4 Source: _gorjess_7

9. The person who knows they will only be happy with ‘the one’

10. That guy who does his research before jumping into anything big

11. This woman, who isn’t letting her singledom get in the way of Facebook likes

If you’re not really engaged, get virtually engaged to a comic book villain.

Sr279ad Source: Imgur

12. And finally, this girl, who knows what’s up

7Htv3l8 Source: Imgur

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