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9 people who'll make your Vine feed instantly entertaining

In six seconds or less.
May 5th 2014, 9:30 AM 21,705 10

1. Katie Ryan

Followers: 672,700

Why she’s great: Because she’s a three-year-old doing uncannily spot-on impressions of Mean Girl-style behaviour. Did we mention she’s three?

2. Jacy Catlin

Followers: 23,600

Why he’s great: Brilliantly deadpan comedy and product reviews, such as this searing criticism of ‘Nasal Mist’.

3. Nicholas Megalis

Followers: 4million

Why he’s great: Megalis is actually a singer-songwriter, but it’s on Vine that he found his spiritual six-second home. He was one of the early Vine accounts to amass millions of followers, and stuff like this is why:

4. Tyra Banks

Followers: 493,800

Why she’s great: Because she is authentically bonkers and hilarious. When was the last time you saw someone this famous unleash their inner crazy person?

5. Jethro Ames

Followers: 37,800

Why he’s great: Genuinely beautiful, thoughtful stop-motion animation – often created using only simple household objects. You’ll think “I could do that”… and then, you won’t.

6. Bo Burnham

Followers: 1.8million

Why he’s great: Bo Burnham is an actual real-life comedian, but his Vines are perhaps his finest work. Some of the best examples involve him talking to movie clips… or stuff like this:

7. Nick Mastodon

Followers: 345,000

Why he’s great: Frankly inspired mashups of Disney cartoons with music. If you don’t enjoy this, your soul is dead inside.

8. Yves Das

Followers: 12,700

Why he’s great: Who would build an entire Vine account around stop-motion animations of a tiny yellow scooter riding around a miniature world? Er, this guy.

9. BatDad

Followers: 2.2million

Why he’s great: Because he’s a dad, doing Batman impressions. It never stops being excellent.

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