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14 excellent marriage equality tattoos

These are <3

WEAR YOUR HEART on your… skin…

1. With a splash of colour

CClOiWLWIAEw0rh Source: charlotteplace

2. Get the simple message across

CCUYU3jUsAETk1j Source: JonnnyPearce

3. Or jazz it up a little

CB385DpW8AEA3Lu Source: LesbiHanna

4. Go a little more discreet

B_YH4zyWAAMJFuS Source: kylie_nichole_

5. Yep, that sums it up

B9BxjXaIQAEutlw Source: Robigna88

6. Wear your heart on your sleeve

B1h80BlCAAAlP0_ Source: janinameixi

7. Scan the rainbow

I just saw the coolest tattoo ever!!! #tattoo #gay #equality Source: jmj73034

8. Keep it to the point

Equal love ✌️ Source: heathermariex95

9. Or get decorative

Bf7p6bKCQAAqbSm Source: klfenton92

10. Get the message across

Bs82Gn8CAAIyP0U Source: Thatonebl0nde_

11. For infinity

BzoriCpIIAApbVw Source: 888infinito888

12. Buddy up for double the punch

BvEunpnCYAEsfwJ Source: andyo_c

13. Because equality is to be respected

CB0N_nhUMAEewjF Source: LambionYsa

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