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This shirtless jogger is going viral for being ridiculously good-looking

Form an orderly queue.
Dec 14th 2015, 7:56 PM 15,110 9


Yesterday, WGN-TV, a news station in Chicago, shared a video interview with a man named Ethan Renoe who was out jogging in what looks to be torrential rain.

As you can see, Ethan was wearing very appropriate running attire.


Ethan, you’ll give yourself pneumonia!


The interview has been viewed 1.9 million times since it was shared yesterday and he is now being described as a “shirtless wonder”.

If the comments are anything to go by, we don’t think Ethan will be single for long…


He’s basically the biggest catch on the internet right now. Just think of him as the new “Alex From Target”.

justjared Source: Just Jared

ethan Source: US Weekly

Seriously, the internet’s thirst is out of control.

For his part, Ethan seems to be enjoying his moment in the spotlight. The self-described “student of experiences” encouraged his legion of admirers to “stay tuned for updates” on Twitter yesterday.

He has even reached out to Ellen to suggest the possibility of a “friend date”.

Make hay while the sun shines and all that.

Oh, and for those of you curious as to what Ethan looks like with a shirt on, WGN-TV caught up with him this morning.

ethan Source: WGN TV

So now.

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