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Ratings agency may downgrade Ireland - and 5 other eurozone countries
Fitch ratings agency has this evening said it is considering downgrading Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia and Cyprus by one or two notches.
Will Ireland need to hold a referendum over EU fiscal plan?
Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton says there is a “50-50 chance” of the matter being put to the Irish people. investigates if we are facing a referendum.
‘Merkozy’ urge common taxes ahead of EU summit
In their submission to the European Council ahead of the EU leaders’ summit tomorrow, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy outline proposals to harmonise corporation tax and impose a new financial transaction tax.
EU Commission could be given powers to impose austerity - report
The president of the European Council has proposed a radical shake-up of the eurozone ahead of the upcoming summit.
Germany welcomes S&P moves to downgrade eurozone
Wolfgang Schauble says threats that the entire eurozone could be downgraded are an “incentive” for EU leaders to strike a deal.
S&P may downgrade 16 eurozone countries – and increase interest on our bailout
Standard & Poor’s says 16 eurozone nations could have their credit ratings cut – which would make Ireland’s bailout more expensive.
Merkozy: Europe needs a 'tougher' treaty
The leaders of France and Germany say that a new, “tougher” European treaty needed to be agreed upon by March of next year.
'Merkozy' meet to plan stronger fiscal coordination across eurozone
The German Chancellor and French President are meeting in Paris today to finalise their proposals for stronger fiscal coordination to stabilise the euro.
Euro 'architect' claims single currency was flawed from the start
Former EC president Jacques Delors says faults in the single currency were exposed when the global credit crunch struck.
G20 urges Eurozone leaders to come up with 'comprehensive plan'
A summit of Eurozone leaders next Sunday is expected to be decisive for the long-term economic prospects of the region.
Second Greek bailout negotiations progress - but hinge on austerity
Greek government has to pass its unpopular austerity plans before accessing either the next batch of its current bailout, or a second bailout.
Kenny meets Sarkozy as tax issue shifts focus
Reluctance to cut Ireland’s bailout interest rate appears to now hinge on a different tax issue than our low corporate tax rate…
Taoiseach to come face to face with Sarkozy at EU summit
Greece will top the agenda at the European Council meeting, with fears that contagion will spread around the world.
The Daily Fix: Sunday
In todays Fix: Poland remembers the victims of last year’s plane crash in western Russia; an Oxford academic cancels his book launch in NUI Maynooth over Lucinda Creighton’s “anti-Turkish and anti-gay” comments; and we hear Obama’s first campaign song. Maybe.
The Daily Fix: Friday
In today’s Fix: an appeal to consumers to stop buying medicines online; Japanese officials say a large radiation leak may have occurred at the Fukushima plant; and we show some of the best results of our caption competition.
Portuguese bond yields soar after overnight debt downgrade
Portugal’s crisis is taking the shine off the EU summit in Brussels, where leaders have put the finishing touches to a “comprehensive package” in response to the financial crisis.
Caption competition: Give Enda Kenny a hand
Taoiseach Kenny is almost out of the frame in this pic from the EU summit – we ask YOU: What was he thinking?
Portugal and Ireland’s woes dominate EU summit
The political crisis in Portugal takes the shine off the EU’s new crisis strategy, which was due to be signed off at the summit.
German Chancellor Merkel ‘threatened to pull out of euro zone’
Reports emerge that Merkel had made remark at dinner during EU summit which was dominated by Irish bailout.