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This year
The EU is confusing - here's how all its bits work together
Varadkar says plan to process irregular migrants outside EU won't dramatically decrease arrivals
'This is our war too': Varadkar warns Putin's ambitions will not stop at Ukraine
'It is not like the UK Rwanda policy': Varadkar defends proposed change to EU asylum policy
Fianna Fáil adds senators Chambers and Blaney to 'ambitious' Midlands-North West ticket
Ireland must introduce laws to protect journalists from strategic lawsuits, says new EU directive
Irish travel ban for Israeli settlers likely, as disagreement remains at EU level
Voters across all age groups hold moderate view on EU climate action
Recovering heat from shower water and 3D printed homes: the future of house building in Ireland
EU agrees on first law that combats violence against women
EU Commission proposes 90% cut to emissions by 2040
French farmers lift roadblocks after tense week of protests
'You reap what you sow': At the scene of the farmers' protest that shut down Brussels city centre
Smoke filled the air as farmers burned bales, as well as tires and wooden pallets.
'A good day for Europe': European Council agrees €50b financial aid package for Ukraine
FactFind: What is a ‘safe country of origin’ and how many asylum seekers come from one?
Apple to make room for competitors on their devices to adhere to new EU law
Anti-European populist parties predicted to top polls in 9 EU states ahead of elections
A new report predicts there will be a “surge” in support for far-right or right-leaning parties during the European Elections.
Families affected by the mica scandal escalate crisis to European Commission
EU Council President Michel to stand down in July in surprise move
Last year
Micheál Martin rules himself out of running for EU Commissioner job
Viktor Orban, Gaza, and an EU-wide definition of rape: Irish MEPs' top concerns going into 2024
Explainer: Why did Hungary block the EU's €50 billion funding package to Ukraine?
Taoiseach expresses disappointment as Hungary's Viktor Orban blocks EU aid package for Ukraine
Householders to be entitled to a brown bin collection service in new year
EU member states reach preliminary agreement on reducing industrial emissions
TD Barry Cowen and MEP Mick Wallace will run for European Parliament next year
Ireland’s extra MEP seat should be in Midlands-NW constituency, says Electoral Commission
New laws requiring quad bike users to wear helmets and do safety training come into effect
Opinion: The cost of glyphosate is mounting - for health and habitats
Grace O'Sullivan MEP
'People Before Profit are not eurosceptic, we’re euro-critical’: Gino Kenny on party's EU stance
Varadkar says Ireland would lose influence by going 'too far' in response to Israel motion
EU opens probes into YouTube and TikTok over child protection measures on platforms
EU executive recommends opening formal membership talks with Ukraine and Moldova
Ursula von der Leyen visits Ukraine as 14 more injured in Russian attacks
Varadkar says EU needs to double down on political, military and financial support for Ukraine
Commissioner to be quizzed by MEPs on his 'solo run' to remove aid to Gaza
‘A complete mess’: Irish MEPs mostly critical of von der Leyen’s response to Israel-Hamas war
EU reverses commissioner's decision to suspension of development aid payments to Palestinians
Taoiseach: Ireland may pay EU countries rather than accept more refugees under migration pact
Factcheck: MEP Clare Daly ‘mistakenly’ cited wrong fatality figures for Russian invasion of Ukraine