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8 times Evelyn Cusack was the master of shade

Evs <3
Nov 28th 2015, 10:15 AM 7,603 1

WELL, LAST NIGHT, something happened that none of us could have forecast. Evelyn Cusack became this year’s Ed Sheeran.

Here’s the moment she surprised weather fan Johnny from Ennis

No, yeah, that really happened.

In fairness, LOOK at this kid’s face.


But the reason why she is the TRUE greatest weather presenter is her subtle but admirable shade

When she reminded kids that they had school in the morning, inciting fear all across the land


When she reminded you that Santa has to face this bullshit weather to get your presents to you


When she was just SO DONE at Bloom when the news link died


When she didn’t give a donkey about the bad news she was breaking to you


When she showed she’s down with the kids

Take that, Jean Byrne.


That time she figured you were crap at Geography

And when she made it quite clear that she was not a wizard


OK OK, we get it


We are not worthy of your shade, Evs.

Here’s the moment weather fan Johnny met his hero Evelyn Cusack>

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