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# ew
People on Twitter are telling Chrissy Teigen about all of the weird things their kids lick
Chrissy was surprised to hear how gross kids are. Her daughter is not yet at the licking stage.
# Complaints
A live insect, human nail and cigarette butt just some of the things found in food last year
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland received over 3,200 complaints last year.
# ew
This UK magazine is under fire for writing a really creepy article about Brooklyn Beckham
Tatler described the 16-year-old as “hot, ready and legal”.
# Guilt
15 things everyone does but nobody ever talks about
Say it loud and say it proud.
# ew
You smell your own hand after shaking someone else's
Humans are still a bit gross, aren’t they?
# what is that
The world's deepest living fish is 'unlike anything scientists have seen before'
It has “large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog”.
# ew
Watch Irish people taste weird American fizzy drinks
And this isn’t Coke we’re talking here.
# ew
This guy admitted to having sex with 700 cars and a helicopter on yesterday's This Morning
# Ballsy
This scrotum-shaped backpack is utterly horrifying
Otherwise known as the “ballsack rucksack”.
# ahhhhhhh
Rats On A Plane: Rodent infestation grounds Indian aircraft
“I have HAD it with these rats,” is what Samuel L Jackson might have said if he had been on the flight.
# Caught on Camera
Bus driver fired after surveillance cameras catch him having sex on the job
Well that’s one way to spend your lunch break.
# toilet habits
Two scientists spent six hours locked in a public toilet in the name of research
Having to listen to other people’s toilet habits for a day? There’s no way those scientists were paid enough.
# ew
'Drunk' and 'Irish': what Ireland is searching for on porn sites
‘Mother’ is also a popular entry, according to figures from a porn search engine.
# ew
Fifty Shades of Grey found to have herpes in public library
Do you know where that erotic novel has been?
# Yuck
8 revolting things you're forced to confront in your everyday life
Why God, why?
# blame it on the weatherman
WATCH: Weatherman accidentally eats cat puke live on the news
Just a little pre-lunch treat.
# ew
More than one million cockroaches escape from China farm
No word yet on whether they’re planning to form a giant cockroach army.
# Oh dear
We wish we'd never heard of these apps
Download if you dare.
# ew
This is what a McDonald's hamburger looks like after 14 years
Surprisingly, only the pickle has suffered the onslaughts of time.
# Gross
Almost half of people ignore use-by dates
A third of people said that they ignore use-by dates as long as the food looks and smells ‘okay’.