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# love island
Alexandra from Love Island gave a gas tutorial on how to do your eyebrows with a bank card on Instagram
Necessity is the mother of invention.
# on fleek
This is why expressive brows might have mattered during human evolution
Mobile eyebrows gave us the communication skills to establish large, social networks.
# makeup tutorials
5 thoughts we all have when trying to replicate beauty tutorials at home
Replicating a YouTube makeup tutorial truly is the bane of our lives.
# my christmas tree
We dare you to wear these 'Christmas tree brows' to your work Christmas party
They’re… weirdly adorable? Don’t @ us.
# squiggle brows
'Squiggle brows' are here, but people aren't convinced
Another day, another trend.
# brows
9 products under €15 that will give you the *best* brows
We’ve been browsing …
# Skin Deep
Skin Deep: How to fake your dream brows when your own are balding at best
They don’t need to look identical. They don’t need to be perfect ticks. You do, however, need to see them.
# pluck off
Do you sneeze every time you pluck your eyebrows? Here's what's going on
Your nerves hate you, basically.
# sperm brows
The 9 woes of every woman who overplucked her eyebrows as a teenager
Ah we were FOOLS!
# plucking hell
11 reasons why eyebrows are a pain in the hoop
To pluck or to wax? Ugh, we’re just getting a fringe.
# cut up
You're not having 90s flashbacks - the eyebrow slit is in fashion again
We’re blaming Vanilla Ice. For everything.
# queen of jolen
11 things all hairy girls know to be true
Frida Kahlo brow ON FLEEK.
# brows on fleek
Eyebrow extensions could be the answer to every over-plucker's prayers
Did you go a bit too mad for the ‘sperm brow’ look in the 90s? We feel you.
# brows on fleek
Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke had an intense 'eyebrow-off' on Graham Norton
That Cadbury ad, but with CELEBRITIES.
# browbeaten
Kim Kardashian bleached her eyebrows and a major internet freakout is under way
# just brow-sing
Marty Morrissey says his eyebrows are 'all natural'
Finally, he addresses the question.
# browbeaten
Little boy discovers his own eyebrows, and his reaction is the best
Well, it IS kind of a big deal.
# you look...nice?
11 of the worst grooming mistakes we were guilty of as teenagers
Why didn’t anyone SAY anything?!
# world of celebs
Where in tarnation are Miley Cyrus' eyebrows? It's the Dredge
Concern is mounting for the hairy growths. That, and all the rest of the day’s celebrity durt.
# you lookin at me
9 dogs who are definitely eyeing you up
EyeBROWing you up, that is.
# cat with eyebrows
This is Sam, the cat with eyebrows
Never before has a cat been so expressive.