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Over 50,000 people with deteriorating eye conditions waiting for hospital appointments
A large cohort of patients on these waiting lists are older people who report a low quality of life as a result of the lengthy wait for treatment.
People warned that cosmetic contact lenses could lead to vision loss
The supply of contact lenses without an eye examination and prescription is illegal.
6 optical illusions that'll take you a minute to work out
Seeing is believing – but not always.
Irish patients left waiting over a year for surgery to restore their eyesight
Almost 4,000 people have been waiting more than 12 months to even see a consultant.
Breakthrough as 'bionic eye' restores sight in blind patients
A new clinical trial has given hope to people with sight loss.
This simple GIF can tell you whether you need glasses
Einstein or Marilyn Monroe – which do you see?
Captain shouted 'open the damn door' as jet plunged into Alps
It also emerged today that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, believed to have crashed the plane, sought treatment for problems with his sight.
'I went to look at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t see my face'
Joe McPhilips has told the story of how he went blind, in the hope of reminding people of the importance of correctly managing their diabetes.
Dog who went blind reacts to seeing family for first time after eye surgery
GOT to stop chopping onions at the computer.
Forget your glasses today? This video will show you how to see without them
Weird Wide Web: Lego smartphones, superhuman vision and a Twitter cinema
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Irish students help to train Mozambique’s first ever optometrists
The first ever eye specialists have recently graduated from university in Mozambique thanks to the assistance of students from DIT.
Only people who wear glasses will understand these trials and tribulations
Got bad eyesight? We sympathise.
Debunked: Does reading in low light or staring at a screen damage your eyesight?
“Turn off that feckin’ laptop and go to sleep, Séan, your eyes will fall out of your head by the time you’re thirty” can now be swiftly met with “Eh, Mam, about that…”.
You know you're getting old when...
Can you hear this? WOULD YOU LIKE US TO TURN IT UP?
Opticians launch campaign for improved eyecare for teens
Opticians are offering free eye exams to all children between the age of 12 and 16 for the month of March.
Happy Bloomsday: 7 facts about James Joyce and Ulysses
(Includes one obligatory fact about the eighties cartoon Ulysses 31)
Long missions in space may damage eyesight
Prolonged periods of space travel might damage astronauts eyesight according to new research. NASA say they are not unduly worried.